Review of In Public Single by Kelis


Kelis feat. Nas- In Public - Single Review

Kelis feat.


In Public

Kelis is back with a new track from what’s turning out to be a very cool catalogue. She seems to going from strength to strength. Her powerful sexual and sassy song writing seems to be giving her a unique alternative edge in the world of r’n’b. I like the innovative progressive beats she’s using on this track. Rockwilder provides the production and it has a modern electro feel that doesn’t quite fit into dance music or r’n’b but has elements of both. The music is

Kelis feat. Nas - Single Review

seriously damn funky and the beats have a real infectious groove. She’s got hubby Nas saying his bit and providing the impetus for freedom and honest delivery. It’s all adds to a seriously hot track that oozes seduction and cool originality. ‘In Public’ could provide that push for that outdoors sexual experience for some but whatever happens we’re definitely gonna’ see some serious bumping and grinding when you hear this tune. Very cool.

Tareck Ghoneim