Keke Palmer says 'Nope' is "nothing like" Jordan Peele's previous films.

The 28-year-old actress will star in the director's latest horror flick, which is set to be released in July, and insists it has a different feel to both 'Get Out' and 'Us' and a 1970s vibe.

Keke told Entertainment Weekly: "'Nope' is nothing like 'Get Out' or 'Us'. It's a totally different vibe, it's about something different – the themes are totally different, and the tone is totally different. This has a lot of 70s tones, which I think is exciting."

The 'Hustlers' star plays Jill Haywood in the new movie and explained that her character is defined by more than her skin colour.

Keke said: "What I can say is that my character is kind of a combination of many cool character archetypes. Who you believe she is in the beginning, she continues to grow throughout the film and becomes someone else.

"I'm excited to just represent a really cool character that is not solely defined by their complexion."

The star continued: "I think Jordan has done a great job in all of his films of talking about something. 'Get Out', obviously – a lot of that had to do with a conversation around racism, but then 'Us' is about class, and with 'Nope' you'll take whatever you take from that.

"But I just love how with everything he does, while there will be black leads, the gag isn't always that you're black."

Keke also revealed that she messaged the director in the hope of landing a role in one of his movies.

She said: "Yes, I did. I mean, he never read it. But I've done that with a couple of people, where I just pay my respects and say, 'Hey, I really loved this, if you're ever looking for an actor, I'm into it.'"