Keke Palmer considers 'Lightyear' to be "progress" for representation in films.

The 28-year-old actor voices Izzy Hawthorne in the new Pixar movie, which serves as an origin story for 'Toy Story' icon Buzz Lightyear, and is impressed with the diversity in the film – which has been banned in some Middle Eastern countries for a same-sex kiss.

Keke told the i newspaper: "Disney, Pixar, there's a wide audience, and a lot of their audience is obviously LGBTQ+, women, Black women... people that want to be represented in films.

"So, yes, 100 per cent, I think it is progress. Obviously, we can't expect for film and television to always be the reason why people decide to respect one another. But I think it's a step in the right direction. And I think the way that it's illustrated in the film is normal... we're just depicting life and love the way that exists in our world."

Keke is also set to feature in Jordan Peele's top-secret new horror movie 'Nope' – which is slated for release next month – and can't wait for the film to be released.

She explained: "I'm happy that I'm getting one step closer to not having to hold on to this big secret! But it was one of the most extraordinary experiences I've had in my life. I think Jordan Peele is 1,000 per cent a genius.

"I think everybody's going to be entertained, freaked out, and also impressed."

Keke landed her debut screen role as the niece of Queen Latifah's character in the 2004 film 'Barbershop 2: Back in Business' and she explained how the star has become a "fairy godmother" to her.

The 'Hustlers' actress said: "She went from rapping to singing to producing to acting to hosting. She's done it all.

"She always made me feel like I was just vaudevillian-ish. I could do many things, from singing, dancing, or whatever... she would bring people like Sammy Davis Jr and Judy Garland: 'You could do what they did. They didn't just do one thing, so never feel afraid or feel like you have to choose.'"