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16th November 2009

Quote: "All he wanted to know was how my dad was. I said, 'Yeah, he's alright,' and that was about it. He said he liked my album and I said I was a bit of a fan of his work, too." Lily Allen wasn't impressed upon meeting Sir Paul McCartney when the beatle seemed more interested in her actor father Keith.

11th June 2009

Quote: "I think my dad made it hard for the rest of Blur because he was out getting f**ked with ALEX (James) and I think that probably annoyed them." Lily Allen thinks her actor dad Keith contributed to tensions within the band before they went on hiatus in 2003.

26th February 2009

Quote: "There were a lot of 4am talks in hotel rooms with Keith (FLINT), working through certain issues we had. After that it was sorted , never spoken of again." THE Prodigy star LIAM HOWLETT on how the group's comeback got started.

19th January 2009

Quote: "Waking up on a Sunday at boarding school and my dad and DAMIEN HURST and Alex James from Blur were on the cover of a magazine, naked. On a hill. With sheep. That was the most embarrassing moment of my life." Pop star Lily Allen on her actor father Keith.

24th December 2008

Quote: "I've got the house all decorated with lights. Keith (URBAN) drove up the driveway the other day and he just burst out laughing. He said, 'It's like Disneyland'... Our little baby just loves lights. She just loves looking at the lights." Nicole Kidman has lit up her Tennessee home for baby daughter SUNDAY ROSE's first Christmas.

25th November 2008

Quote: "Most of the time she was making out with Keith (URBAN) while we were on the set." Actor Hugh Jackman was far from surprised when his AUSTRALIA co-star Nicole Kidman fell pregnant during shooting.

24th June 2006

Quote: "It kind of makes sense to me. I'm more than confident that Keith (RICHARDS) is gonna probably just arrive and blow us all of the screen." Johnny Depp insists he's not intimidated to work with his idol Keith Richards on the third Pirates Of The Caribbean film.


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