Keith Urban's debut fragrance was inspired by his battle with sobriety.

The country singer - who checked into a Clinic to be treated for drug and alcohol abuse just four months after he married Nicole Kidman in June 2006 - called the new scent Phoenix because he believes that 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.'"

He explained to WWD: "The 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger' story of the phoenix is something that I think fits really well with a man's cologne.

"Certainly, I can relate very strongly to that; going through hard times and coming out the other end of it much, much stronger for the experience."

Keith also revealed he was thrilled to name the fragrance Phoenix because he didn't think men would want to say they were 'wearing Keith Urban'.

He explained: "The last thing I want to make a man do is: When someone asks him what he's wearing is for that poor man to say, 'I'm wearing Keith Urban.'

"That just seems really awkward to me. I wanted to allow a man the dignity to respond with something that is a little more appropriate. Not too hoity-toity, not too chic and metro, something that's got a nice, masculine simplicity to it. I felt Phoenix fit that really well."