Keith Urban is one busy guy and his wife, Nicole Kidman, is a very busy lady too. Their hectic work schedules make regular visits almost impossible and as a result the pair have to find new ways to keep in touch and keep that spark in their relationship still as bright as it was when they first married seven years ago. On the Monday, 28 October, edition of Ellen Degeneres' talk show, Ellen, the country star and American Idol judge revealed just how the two combat their conflicting work schedules and stay in touch despite the massive distance between them.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban
The couple have been married seven years but still keep things fresh

Urban, who currently splits his time between hosting on Idol and touring North America, appeared on Ellen and gave a few choice methods he and Nicole use for keeping in touch with each other. Whilst Kidman, 46, is currently in London filming her next film - the couple's two children; Sunday, 5, and Faith, 2, are with their mother - he admitted that there is often an ocean-sized gap between the two lovers, but wherever there is a will, there is a way.

"We just make it work," Urban coyly began, before opening up further and divulging on some of the details further. "We never text, we never email. Phone calls only, which I really love that." Ellen probed further, she wanted to know how the pair manage to quell their insatiable appetites for each other in a sexual way, and she managed to get Urban to fes up to some of the other 'methods' they use to stay in touch.

Kidman and Urban
The pair will have to up their phone security now, lest they want their raunchy snaps leaked

"Maybe one text. Maybe one cool kind of, you know ... a year, one of those kinds of texts, yes, one of those ones with the accompanying photo," he said, referring to a red carpet picture of the two on the screen behind them (we know what kind of picture he's really talking about though, if you know what we mean?). "One of those kind of texts."

Ellen probed further; "What kind of text? What do you mean?" DeGeneres asks. "Nice sex texting," the suddenly bashful 45-year-old Aussie singer said, adding, "I'm a little red right now." (People)

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Cannes
Does Nicole have a thing for short guys?