Keith Richards struggles to remember The Rolling Stones hits he wrote with Sir Mick Jagger.

The 68-year-old guitarist - who has a history of drinking and taking DRUGS - admits he has a hard time remembering the notes for classic songs such as 'Jumpin' JACK FLASH' and 'Satisfaction'.

However, as soon as he gets on stage he says his fingers take over and he always manages to perform.

He told Absolute Radio: ''When you kick off a song you say, 'I can't remember how the middle bit goes', but the fingers remember even if you don't.

''I don't practise as much as I should, probably. But now that we're putting the act together again I'm getting the chops back together.''

The band - which also includes Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts - recently announced plans to mark their 50th anniversary next year and are currently in rehearsals and Keith is keen for the celebrations as some of his memories of certain times with the group are blurred.

He said: ''The middle's a bit blurry but the beginning's pretty clear, and so is now. I mean, a lot of things are clear but they're not necessarily in the right order.''