Keith Richards has revealed a not really shocking at all secret: he doesn’t own an iPod! Gracious no! It’s true, the Rolling Stone veteran still would, believe it or not, listen to music on physical formats over MP3. Crazy, utterly crazy.

Richards joins the we presume 13 other people in the entire world not to have an iPod, and he said in a recent interview "I don't have an iPod. ... I still use CDs or records actually. Sometimes cassettes. It has much better sound; a much better sound than digital." Cassettes!? Madness! Richards’ reasoning for turning his back on the iPod generation comes down to sound issues apparently, with the guitarist saying that listeners are "all being shortchanged" with the sound that comes out of an iPod.

The iPod exodus isn’t prevalent in the Richards household however, with the musician adding "My old lady's got one. My kids have got them. I say, 'Look me up this.' Or, 'Oh I like that. Check me that,' I know what these things can do. I'm not totally anti-them." Furthering his thoughts on music’s movement to the digital age, Richards resigned himself to the fact it was here to say, commenting "They're sucked into it and they can't get out of it, nor can we; so is the public. There's something missing there, but it's the price of the future I guess." Thank goodness the Rolling Stones are still here then, doing their very utmost to prevent the future from happening. Their tour around the US starts in Los Angeles on Friday, May 3rd.

Keith RichardsWe do
n't know what Keith Richards is holding but we know what it isn't - an iPod