Keith Richards tried to ignore his first grandchild because he didn't want to accept he was a grandfather.

The Rolling Stones rocker, who has five grandchildren, says he is still ''growing into'' the role and is now trying to ''raise the profile of grandfathers''.

He said: ''The first grandchild you try to ignore in a way - not the child, the fact. Then when they're old enough to say, 'Grandpa' and you realise they're talking to you, it's like, 'oh right...' I'm growing into it. When they're angsty with their parents, I'm the safe haven. Grandparents can do great things with the kids, and, since I am one, I'm here to raise the profile of grandfathers.''

Keith has also revealed he was surprised when he was approached to write a children's book.

But the musician, who has teamed up with his daughter Theodora for 'Gus & Me' says he always wanted to pay tribute to his grandfather, Gus, who gave him his first guitar when he was nine.

He explained: ''My first response was, 'A children's book? You're kidding me.' ''

But he added: ''I've always wanted to pay homage to Gus. He set me on my way.

''For me, the idea of grandparents zoomed into my consciousness at about age five. My mom would take me to visit Gus.

''But the book wasn't my idea. It filtered through my publishers, and at the same time I was expecting my fifth grandchild. It seemed appropriate with the two things coinciding.''

Keith also enjoyed working with his daughter on the project.

He added to PEOPLE magazine: ''She's a natural illustrator.''

And Theodora loved working with her father despite initially being reluctant to take on the job.

She said: ''It was fascinating to put myself in my dad's shoes and draw all these things.

''I've always loved to draw, but I've never put it out there.''