OK, so Keith Richards has released a children’s book called ‘Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar’, which was inspired by his own childhood and first experiences with music. There are lots of things that we think of Keith Richards as being, a children’s author is certainly not one. That said, we’re sure that the book will be magical and the sneak peek at illustrations indicate they will be beautiful, but it’s got us thinking about which other celebrities have written children’s books. And wow. You would not believe some of the celebs that have!

Keith RichardsKeith Richards Has Penned A Children's Book

Bill Cosby wrote a book for children. Yep, the Bill Cosby, from The Cosby Show fame. The one who is always been accused of being inappropriate in a manner of ways. Cosby’s book is called ‘The Day I Was Rich’ and purports to teach children the value of friendship over money. When Little Bill (nothing Freudian to see here) discovers what he thinks is a huge diamond, which turns out to be a glass paperweight, he and friends are momentarily deflated before returning to the fun they had before they discovered the ‘treasure’. Heartwarming stuff.

bill cosby children's bookThe main character in Bill's book is called 'Little Bill'

Billy Crystal didn’t want to miss out on the children’s book writing action, so penned his own called ‘I Already Know I Love You’. The book deals with the emotions that come with becoming a grandfather and are based on Billy’s own experiences. We actually quite like the unusual angle that Billy has taken with this one, focusing on the grandfather, rather than the child. It’s sounds like a great way to teach children empathy by putting them in someone else’s boots.

billy crystal children's bookBilly Crystal's book is about becoming a grandfather

We’d never have expected Whoopi Goldberg to have written a children’s book, but she ruddy well has. ‘Sugar Plum Ballerinas #1: Plum Fantastic’ is Whoopi’s contribution to children’s literature and deals with Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson and her ballet mad mother. The books focuses on Alexandrea’s stage fright, as her ballet friends help her to overcome and perform without fear.

whoopi goldberg children's bookWho pegged Whoopi Goldberg as a ballet fan?

This lot can also claim to be members of the celebrity children’s book author gang, some of them you will be totally shocked to see join the list! Hollywood actress Julianne Moore wrote ‘Freckleface Strawberry’, John Lithgow’s offering is called ‘Marsupial Sue’, ghetto gal Queen Latifah wrote ‘Queen of the Scene’ which comes as a book and CD, Will Smith reused his song lyrics to write ‘Just the Two of Us’ and the Fonz, sorry Henry Winkler, wrote a 4 book collection called ‘Hank Zipzer’.

Well, we are bowled over by all of these celebs who undertook to write children’s books! Are you as surprised as we are to see some of these names on the list?