Keith Richards stabbed himself with a syringe of drugs when he first met Jo Wood.

The former model has revealed the bizarre moment when she met her ex-husband Ronnie Wood's Rolling Stones bandmate in 1977, saying he injected himself with a concoction of drugs and then casually introduced himself to her while in a hotel room in Paris.

Writing in her autobiography 'It's Only Rock 'N' Roll: 30 Years Married To A Rolling Stone' (known as 'Hey Jo' in the UK), she recalls: ''Someone shoved past us into the room. Without saying a word, or even looking at me, this dark-haired bloke sat down on the tiny square of carpet and started rummaging in what looked like a doctor's bag.

'''Don't take any notice of Keith,' said Ronnie. 'It's been a long flight.'

''Keith reached into his bag and took out a silver spoon, a bottle of pills and a lighter. In a matter of seconds, he'd crushed some of the pills with a bit of water, cooked them up, then filled a syringe and stabbed it straight through his shirt. A moment's pause - then he looked up at me with a radiant smile, 'Hello, my dear. I've heard so much about you!' ''

The 58-year-old blonde - who split from Ronnie, 65, in 2009 - admitted the unforgettable introduction led to a three-day binge of drugs and alcohol and she was ''proud'' that she was able to keep up with the hard-living rockers.

She added: ''The three of us spent the next three days cooped up in my broom-cupboard of a hotel room, drinking and taking drugs, only occasionally venturing out in Keith's Bentley to get a fix or a bite to eat.

''I am having the time of my life, getting high on coke and drunk on Southern Comfort and lemonade and I'm proud to say that I kept up with the boys all the way, matching them drink for drink, line for line. Quite simply, I took to the rock 'n' roll lifestyle like I'd been born to it.''

Jo's book 'It's Only Rock 'N' Roll: 30 Years Married To A Rolling Stone' is released in the US week.