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Rolling Stones Score Their First UK Number One Album In Over 20 Years

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Ronnie Wood

The Rolling Stones have topped the UK album chart this week, with their 23rd studio album Blue & Lonesome.

The album is the band’s first of new material since 2005’s A Bigger Bang and features covers of classic tracks by American blues artists.

Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones have topped the UK album chart

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Rolling Stones Planning New World Tour

Mick Jagger Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Charlie Watts

The Rolling Stones are planning a new world tour.

Veteran rockers Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts, are hoping to hit the road in 2017 for a series of concerts all over the world.

A source told The Sun: ''Mick will never lose that bug for performing.

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Rolling Stones Announce First Studio Album In 11 Years 'Blue And Lonesome'

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Eric Clapton

The Rolling Stones have announced they will release their first studio album in over a decade on December 2, titled Blue and Lonesome.

The album is comprised of covers of songs by American blues artists, whose work was responsible for getting the band members into music in the first place.

Keith Richards To Star In BBC Documentary About His Early Life

Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards is to star in a documentary movie about his childhood years growing up in post-war Britain, as well as curate a weekend of films, documentary clips and live performances for BBC Four.

The 72 year old guitar hero will front the 60-minute documentary film Keith Richards – The Origin of the Species, directed by Julien Temple, which will form the centrepiece of the BBC’s My Generation season, about the history of pop music, next month.

Richards will also “hand-pick” two nights of films and live performances that will constitute what it calls a “lost weekend” of programming in July.

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Keith Richards Blasts Adele And Rihanna For Over-Reliance

Keith Richards

Current pop music often finds itself being ridiculed by the veterans of the industry. Whether they rose to fame because of a reality show, release hit songs written by other people, or are played on a particular radio station, no popstar is safe from the sharp tongues of the likes of Keith Richards.

Keith RichardsKeith Richards is sceptical of today's pop music

The Rolling Stones guitarist has lashed out at the pop world (not for the first time), accusing artists such as Adele and Rihanna as being dependent on other people. 'They can't rely on themselves, can they?' He told Time Out London in an interview.

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Damien Hirst Autobiography: From Semi-Criminal, To Multi-Millionaire

Damien Hirst Penguin Keith Richards

Damien Hirst's autobiography is to be ghost written by James Fox - who worked with Keith Richards on his 2010 memoir Life - and will be released by Viking Penguin next autumn. The publisher promises it will cover everything from Hirst's childhood in Leeds to his rise to become the world's most successful artist.

Damien Hirst
Damien Hirst At The Tate Modern

"They are a very cool and creative publisher with a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm. They care about all their readers from top to bottom and are not afraid of pushing the boundaries," said the artist.

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Keith Richards' Children's Book Inspired By His Grandfather, Theodore

Keith Richards Rolling Stones

Keith Richards' forthcoming children's book Gus & Me: The Story of My Grandad and My First Guitar, will offer an insight to the rocker's relationship with his grandfather, Theodore Augustus Dupree, who played in a jazz band.

Keith RichardsKeith Richards Has Written a Children's Book

The autobiographical book will also include photographs from Keith's family collection, as well as artwork by his daughter Theodora Richards - who is named after her great-grandfather.

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Muscle Shoals Trailer

Muscle Shoals was just a town in Alabama with an extraordinary habit of producing some of the finest music in the world. It started out with Rick Hall and his FAME Studios, producing hits from the likes of Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and Etta James. And not only that, even at the heart of racial distinction in America, he found the ability to join both black and white in unity over the love of soul music. Even after Hall's session group split up, some of them went to name themselves The Swampers, later becoming known as the Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section when they opened the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. From here came legendary tunes from The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. So just what was it that made Muscle Shoals the must-be place for artist in the seventies?

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The Rolling Stones Set BBC Viewer Record During Historic Glastonbury Performance

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones had one of the largest crowd Glastonbury had ever seen huddled in front of them when they took to the stage on Saturday (June 29) and it wasn't just Worthy Farm that saw a record audience because the BBC coverage of the performance was viewed literally by millions at home.

Rolling Stones Glasto
The Stones pulled in a massive audience

The historic performance brought in a record number of viewers; 2.6 million in all tuning in on BBC 2, with many more watching online. When the Rolling Stones played at Glastonbury last Saturday there was always a chance that something special was going to happen and believe it or not, it was a pretty memorable performance to say the least - as so many people will be able to vouch for. On average, 1.3 million viewers tuned in between 10.30pm and 1am - the time the band performed - and peaked at the 2.6 mil mark. That made it the second most viewed channel of the night, behind BBC 1, who were showing Die Hard with a Vengeance (the obvious choice). The performance also set a new record for the most number of viewers to ever tune in to any Glasto performance.

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Glastonbury Festival 2013 In Pictures: Sun, Cider And The Rolling Stones [Pictures]

Glastonbury Festival Rolling Stones Azealia Banks Arctic Monkeys Bobby Womack Tyler The Creator Damon Albarn Beady Eye Liam Gallagher Oasis Nick Cave Rita Ora AlunaGeorge Mick Jagger Keith Richards Tom Odell David Bowie Jessie Ware

And that's it. Another year passes and Worthy Farm closes its gates on the Glastonbury Festival revellers for another 12 months. Though there's always the distant murmur of someone professing it "the best Glastonbury ever," there was a palpable feeling that this year's festival was among the finest in history. Firstly, there was heightened anticipation given the fallow year in 2012 and secondly, the sun came out. Oh, and The Rolling Stones made their debut, rollicking through a two-and-a-half-hour set on Saturday (June 29, 2013) and scoring five-star reviews across the board.

Mick JaggerMick Jagger Performing With The Rolling Stones At Glastonbury Festival in 2013

The surprise return of David Bowie in 2013 had left many commentators speculating on the possibility of the Thin White Duke headlining the legendary festival, though there was no lingering thoughts of "What if?" once Glastonbury got underway on Friday with a snappy set from Sheffield heroes Arctic Monkeys. Bowie became all but a moot point after Saturday, when Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and company played a career spanning set that included 'Jumping Jack Flash,' 'Tumbling Dice,' 'Start Me Up,' 'You Can't Always Get What You Want,' 'Gimmie Shelter,' 'Doom and Gloom' and 'Midnight Rambler.' "The night belongs to the Stones. By turning on the charm as well as the formidable back catalogue, they prove themselves well worth the wait," said the Guardian's Dorian Lynskey. 

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The Rolling Stones At Glastonbury VS. Die Hard- And The Winner Is...?

Rolling Stones Glastonbury Festival Arctic Monkeys Chase and Status Vampire Weekend Example Elvis Costello Mumford And Sons Keith Richards Mick Jagger Ronnie Wood Michael Eavis

The Rolling Stones headlined at Glastonbury on Saturday (29th June) but the viewing public were more interested in watching Bruce Willis' 1988 classic action film, Die Hard, according to The Daily Mail. 2.54 million tuned into the BBC to watch The Rolling Stones' performance whilst 2.78 million watched Bruce Willis punch, kick and shoot in Die Hard

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger with Ronnie Wood in the background performing at Glastonbury.

The BBC sent over 300 staff members to the Glastonbury Festival, at the cost of £2 million, but more people tuned into watch Bruce Willis' Die Hard than Saturday's (29th June 2013) coverage. 

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The Rolling Stones, Public Enemy And Elvis Costello Bring Worthy Farm To It's Knees: Glastonbury Day Two Round-Up

Glastonbury Festival Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Public Enemy Ronnie Wood Charlie Watts Elvis Costello Michael Eavis

After decades of failed attempts, Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis finally managed to book the biggest rock group of all time for the world-renowned UK festival, and with an absolutely riotous set that had the huge crowd off their feet for the full 2+ hours set, The Rolling Stones managed to show just why they are still the biggest band on the planet.

Ronnie Mick Keith Glasto
The dinosaurs rockers proved their worth on the Pyramid Stage

Their headlining slot on Saturday (June 29) night proved to be the icing on the cake to what had already been an absolutely triumphant day two at the Somerset festival and after a hit-filled set from the Arctic Monkeys during the Friday headlining show on the Pyramid Stage, followed by the huge set from the Stones last night, the pressure really is on for Mumford and Sons to deliver when they take to the stage on Sunday (June 30) night to close the festival. Good news for people at home (in the UK) too, because the group did show some of their performance on the BBC afterall (an hour of it at least), despite saying otherwise prior to the set. Checking off such classics as '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction,' 'Gimme Shelter' and 'Paint It Black' during their set, they may have been together for half a century, but Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood managed to grab hold of the audience like few other bands on the bill would be able to.

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The Rolling Stones "Destined" For Glastonbury

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Michael Eavis

In an official video on The Rolling Stones' official YouTube Channel, The Rolling Stones discuss their upcoming Glastonbury Saturday headline set, with guitarist Keith Richards stating that "there were many years we were offered it and turned it down. I look upon it as a culmination of our British heritage really. It had to be done and it's gotta be done, and we'll see what happens." 

rolling stones
The Stones at Glasto - it had to happen eventually.

 Singer Mick Jagger also voiced his enthusiasm for the prestigious slot: "All my kids are going to be there so I'm going to be visiting them in the days before the actual show and they've got all sorts of activities lined up for me to do. My brother lives in Glastonbury too." After forming in 1962, the band became part of the US' 'British Invasion' and have to date released 24 studio albums and eleven live records with eight consecutive No.1 ranking albums.

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Glastonbury Festival Weather 2013: Get Your Wellies On

Glastonbury Festival Rolling Stones Arctic Monkeys Rita Ora Vampire Weekend Rufus Wainwright Ronnie Wood Charlie Watts Keith Richards Mick Jagger

The weather forecast for the Glastonbury Festival this weekend does not look brilliant: expect a lot of cloud. However, those visiting the Glastonbury Festival this year may be pleased (or rather not depending on your predisposition) to hear the traditional mud is likely to be back. Around 135,000 people attend the festival annually and this year is no exception. The festival site, located near the Somerset village of Pilton, opened its gates for early goers. Most slept in their cars overnight lying in wait to get a decent (probably on higher ground) site to set up camp.

BeyonceBeyonce Played A Barmstorming Set At Glastonbury In 2011

The weather forecast for Shepton Mallet (the closest town to the festival site), according to the BBC, is:

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Charlie Is My Darling - Clips

The Rolling Stones may not have released an album for eight years, but they are showing no signs of letting up on doing what they do best as they gear up to perform at Glastonbury Music Festival on June 29th 2013 as part of their '50 and Counting Tour'. In celebration of 50 years together, they are releasing a concert and behind-the-scenes footage movie entitled 'Charlie Is My Darling' which was filmed on their two day tour of Ireland in 1965, only weeks after they became a worldwide sensation with their hit single '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'. Watch the revered youngsters being interviewed about life as the biggest rock band in the world and perform some of their most loved hits to an audience of thousands.

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Rolling Stones Unite With Carrie Underwood To Rock Toronto

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Charlie Watts Carrie Underwood

The Rolling Stones might have a few years on youngsters in the business these days, but they have no qualms about collaborating with new talent, as their recent performance, featuring Carrie Underwood, clearly shows. The Stones stopped by Toronto's Air Canada Centre last weekend and performed a gig off their 50th anniversary tour.

One of the biggest surprises of the night came as the band launched into an amped up rendition of “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It)” Just as Jagger was ripping through the second verse, Underwood, typically a country songstress, strutted up on stage and joined in, launching into a sing-off that must have been worth hearing live. Underwood even got her own moment to shine, with a brief solo right before Jagger joined back in. Then the audience even got treated to a bit of a visual show, when, during the lively instrumental provided by Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts, the two singers bust a move together. You’d think the younger Underwood would have the upper hand in that, but Mick definitely wasn’t letting up.

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Is Keith Richards IPod Snub Another Sign Of The Stones' Being Out Of Touch?

Keith Richards Rolling Stones

Keith Richards says he isn't a fan of Apple iPod device and favours CDs, vinyl and sometimes cassettes to MP3's. The 69-year-old says music lovers are "all being short-changed" with the sound that comes from an iPod, which first launched in 2001 and has gone onto become a must-have piece of technology on a global scale.

"I don't have an iPod. ... I still use CDs or records actually. Sometimes cassettes. It has much better sound; a much better sound than digital," he said in a recent interview with the Associated Press, "My old lady's got one. My kids have got them. I say, 'Look me up this.' Or, 'Oh I like that. Check me that. I know what these things can do. I'm not totally anti-them."

The Rolling Stones guitarist, who kicks off the band's '50 and Counting Tour' in Los Angeles tonight (May 5, 2013) says he's accepted that the music industry is digitally driven nowadays, "They're sucked into it and they can't get out of it, nor can we; so is the public.There's something missing there, but it's the price of the future I guess," he said.

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Rolling Stones' Keith Richards In 'Doesn't Own IPod' Shocker!

Keith Richards

Keith Richards has revealed a not really shocking at all secret: he doesn’t own an iPod! Gracious no! It’s true, the Rolling Stone veteran still would, believe it or not, listen to music on physical formats over MP3. Crazy, utterly crazy.

Richards joins the we presume 13 other people in the entire world not to have an iPod, and he said in a recent interview "I don't have an iPod. ... I still use CDs or records actually. Sometimes cassettes. It has much better sound; a much better sound than digital." Cassettes!? Madness! Richards’ reasoning for turning his back on the iPod generation comes down to sound issues apparently, with the guitarist saying that listeners are "all being shortchanged" with the sound that comes out of an iPod.

The iPod exodus isn’t prevalent in the Richards household however, with the musician adding "My old lady's got one. My kids have got them. I say, 'Look me up this.' Or, 'Oh I like that. Check me that,' I know what these things can do. I'm not totally anti-them." Furthering his thoughts on music’s movement to the digital age, Richards resigned himself to the fact it was here to say, commenting "They're sucked into it and they can't get out of it, nor can we; so is the public. There's something missing there, but it's the price of the future I guess." Thank goodness the Rolling Stones are still here then, doing their very utmost to prevent the future from happening. Their tour around the US starts in Los Angeles on Friday, May 3rd.

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Overpriced? Fans Snap Up Rolling Stones' Hyde Park Tickets In 3 Minutes

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Brian Jones Keith Richards

Tickets for The Rolling Stones' concert at Hyde Park this summer has sold out in just three minutes. According to The Telegraph, 65,000 tickets for show - part of Hyde Park's British Summer Times gigs - were completely sold out by 9.03am on Friday morning (April 5, 2013).

The Stones will play in London just days after they headline the Saturday night of the Glastonbury Festival on June 26. It's 44 years after the legendary rockers last played at Hyde Park in 1969, just two days after guitarist Brian Jones was found dead at his home in Hartford, East Sussex. As ever, the band were accused of exploiting fans with overpriced tickets and the cheapest for the Hyde Park show were £95.00. Many were priced at £299 while ticket marketplace Viagogo has already begun selling tickets for £1,097 each. A place in the coveted "Diamond Circle" area will cost you around 2,500.

"It seems like yesterday," guitarist Keith Richards told the BBC of the last time his group played Hyde Park, "It's going to be a great summer, man.All the gigs we haven't done or wanted to redo are popping up." At the original gig, Mick Jagger famously wore a white dress on stage and read a Percy Bysshe Shelley poem dedicated to Jones. Thousands of butterflies were released into the air. 

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Charlie Watts Not Looking Forward To Glastonbury? Rolling Stones Drummer Isn't A Fan Of Outdoor Gigs

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Charlie Watts Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones have announced a series of tour dates for their 50th anniversary tour and it looks as though they’re pulling out all the stops to make 2013 a year to remember. Not only are the band playing the legendary Glastonbury Festival for the first time, but they will also be returning to Hyde Park, London; the scene of one of the most iconic gigs in the band’s history.

The band’s drummer, Charlie Watts, however, won’t be too enamoured with either of these concert dates, as he has told The Guardian that he doesn’t like outdoor gigs. “I don't want to do it [Glastonbury]. Everyone else does. I don't like playing outdoors, and I certainly don't like festivals. The worse thing playing outdoors is when the wind blows, if you're a drummer, because the cymbals move… it really is hard to play then.” Luckily for Stones fans, the rest of the band are a little more upbeat about the prospect of the hugely high profile performances. They might be faced with a slightly grumpy Watts, but frontman Mick Jagger, at least, is looking forward to playing Hyde Park. The Rolling Stones last played there in 1969, when they were mourning the death of their guitarist Brian Jones.

“Hyde Park holds such great memories for us and we can't think of anywhere better to perform to our UK fans this summer,” said Mick Jagger. His songwriting partner and guitarist Keith Richards also commented “We had such a ball last year and the energy between the band is so good, we can't wait to get back on that stage where the Stones belong.” 

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Out Now - US Albums Releases: 12-12-12 Concert Compilation Features Who's Who Of Rock, Aaron Neville Makes Blue Note Debut,

Bruce Springsteen Rolling Stones The Who Alicia Keys Aaron Neville Keith Richards GARY ALLAN Bad Religion

It’s a real mixed bag for the biggest album releases today and the most popular is bound to be the accompanying CD release to the 12-12-12Benefit Concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy. The tracklisting reads like a who’s who of the biggest names in rock and pop, with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band contributing ‘Land of Hope And Dreams’ and ‘Wrecking Ball,’ whilst The Rolling Stones liven things up with ‘You Got Me Rocking’ and ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash.’

And of course, a who’s who isn’t a who’s who without The Who, who also make an appearance, with ‘Who Are You,’ ‘Baba O’Riley’ and ‘Love Reign O’er Me.’ It’s very much a line-up full of (ahem) ‘experienced’ male musicians. The presence of Alicia Keys doesn’t exactly balance things out, as she sits there alone, with one track breaking up the compilation and ‘Empire State of Mind’ closing things out. The latter track, though, an affection paean to one of the cities destroyed by the hurricane, is an obvious highlight of this emotionally-weighted compilation.

Watch Bruce Springsteen discussing Hurricane Sandy and the 12.12.12. concert

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GRRReat Performance! Rolling Stones Welcome Mick Taylor On Stage In Newark

Rolling Stones Mick Taylor Mick Jagger Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones' live tour has been punctuated by a few things; the new greatest hits album, GRRR!, ticket prices, and special guests. But now that everyone’s heard the two new songs on the album, and bought the tickets, it’s time to focus on those special guests.

Mick Taylor, for the first time playing with the band on U.S. soil since 1981, joined the mighty rockers on stage to rapturous applause. It was when Jagger thundered into an 11-minute rendition of 'Midnight Rambler' that Taylor rocked as if the years had never left him. Jagger said afterward. "He's great! Really good!" The Stones, while harping back to their glorious and explosive past, are also embracing modern trends in their live shows. And don’t worry, they’re not breaking out into dubstep remixes, laying down ‘phat beats’ onto their tracks. The Stones are The Stones and that won’t change, but they did allow the audience to have some sort of say on the set list via their smart phone, as they voted for a song of their choice on the bands' new mobile app. 1964's 'Around and Around' was the song of choice.

Earlier in the night, during his solo set, Keith Richards spoke about Hurricane Sandy: "I know you guys had a rough time,” he said, according to Rolling Stone, “We admire the way you stuck with it. Keep on trucking, you know?"

An Impressive Display From The Rolling Stones At Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre

Rolling Stones Mary J Blige Iggy Pop Keith Richards

With a stage set inside the bands trademark open-lips logo, The Rolling Stones put on an impressive display at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Centre on Saturday night (December 8, 2012). The band may have 50 years of writing and performing under their belts but their stamina (especially that of their lively frontman Mick Jagger) seems not to have abated.

Writing for New York Times, Ben Ratliff’s humorous description of Jagger’s onstage movements perfectly sum up that unique stage presence that he has: “during the show’s two and a quarter hours, he never stopped,” writes Ratliff. “In running shoes and stretchy black clothes he bounced on his toes with knees slightly bent and swinging independently of each other, like a woman in high heels trying to walk in more than one direction.”

Once more, the band was joined onstage by Mary J Blige, who performed ‘Gimme Shelter’ with them and the performance itself was preceded by a montage of clips from various celebrities and musicians expressing their adulation for the Stones. One choice comment came from the garage rock legend Iggy Pop, who said that hearing Keith Richards play guitar back in the late 1960s “felt like being hit with a dead mackerel.” The Barclays Centre was part of the band’s ’50 And Counting’ tour, a celebration of their 50 years of existence. Next, the band will perform at the Prudential Centre in Newark.

Did The Rolling Stones Justify Their High Ticket Prices At The 02 London?

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards

The moment we've all been waiting for; The Rolling Stones live tour 2012 kicked off on Sunday, November 25th at London's O2 Arena. Was this the homecoming tour everyone expected, or did the aging rockers do nothing to justify their heft ticket prices?

Unsurprisingly, it seems no one left the gig claiming they did not receive value for money, even if the idea of 'value' might have a slightly skewed meaning in this context. The critics, especially, were enthralled by the show, with most publications awarding The Stones high marks. "Your cash buys you a chance to see Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts reunited with bassist Bill Wyman, who turns up for It's Only Rock'n' Roll and Honky Tonk Woman - his facial expression suggests a man very much not reconsidering the wisdom of quitting - and more excitingly, guitarist Mick Taylor, whose guest spot on Midnight Rambler is really thrilling," say The Guardian in a 4/5 review. Billboard seemed equally enamoured, doting, "With Charlie Watts keeping up an almost impossibly vigorous backbeat, the show was now en route to glory. That was thanks in disproportionate measure to the incredible showmanship of a frontman who roared like a vocal leviathan and sprinted back and forth in as brilliant a display of gymnastic showmanship as he has ever given."

Were you at the gig on Sunday? If so, let us know below what you thought of the show. The Stones resume the U.K leg of their tour on Thursday, returning to the O2, before heading to America to fulfil the New York dates. 

Old Friends Join The Rolling Stones For 50th Birthday Concert

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Charlie Watts Bill Wyman Mick Taylor Mary J Blige Noel Fielding

Last night at London’s O2 Arena (November 25, 2012), The Rolling Stones were joined onstage by old friends and newer ones, as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. The current mainstays of the band, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts welcomed the band’s original bass player, Bill Wyman to play ‘It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)’ and ‘Honky Tonk Women.’ Mick Taylor, who was a member of the band between 1969 ad 1974 also had his moment in the limelight once more, when he joined them for a version of ‘Midnight Rambler.’

Mary J Blige also performed with the band, helping them out with ‘Gimme Shelter’ and later tweeted “So much fun performing in London w/ the ‪@RollingStones! Congrats on your 50th anniversary!! The response to the show, from those that were there, has been overwhelmingly positive. The Mighty Boosh comedian Noel Fielding told the BBC “I think Keith played incredibly. Sympathy For The Devil...his lead on that was absolutely amazing” and – always one to admire an elaborate costume - added “Mick came out in a cape which - as always - has got to be a bonus.”

In the lead up to the opening night of these 50th anniversary dates, much of the discussion surrounding The Stones’ concerts has been centered on the extortionate ticket prices. Jagger didn’t ignore it, joking to those at the back “How are you doing up in the cheap seats? Except they're not cheap seats, that's the problem.” Hopefully, everyone was having such a wonderful time that they were able to see the funny side.

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Bill Wyman And Mick Taylor Lined Up To Reunite With Rolling Stones For O2 Gig

Rolling Stones Bill Wyman Mick Taylor Mick Jagger Ronnie Wood Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones are set to perform a string of shows at London's O2 Arena next week, and have announced that as a special treat there will be two special guests appearing on stage with them in the shape of former Stones members Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor.

Former Stones bassist Wyman and guitarist Taylor will appear on stage with the dinosaur rockers during their shows on Sunday 25th and Thursday 29th November. This will be the first time since 1974 since the two have shared the stage with the rest of the band, but hopefully Ronnie Wood wont feel too left out during the reunion.

The remaining members - Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Wood – have been inviting the two former members back to work together again over recent years, however the shows at the O2 will mark the first time in more than three decades since they have performed live together. Both Wyman and Taylor were interviewed in the recent official 50th anniversary documentary Crossfire Hurricane, in which both former members talked intimately about their time with the band and their reasons for leaving it all behind. Wyman called it quits in December 1992 to concentrate on his own work and personal life, whilst Taylor left the band in 1974. In Crosstown Hurricane Taylor admitted that his heroin addiction was at the root of his leaving of the band.

The Rolling Stones Hit London This Sunday, Is This The Last Set Of Shows?

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards

Finally, The Rolling Stones begin their much anticipated, and highly priced set of live gigs this Sunday at the 02 Arena, London. With 50 years under their belts, is this going to be the last time we see the aging rockers live?

Paul Sexton, a music journalist who has met and interviewed the band in the run-up to the latest concerts certainly thinks they've got more up their sleeve. "It would be nice to think that wouldn't be it," he writes, according to Reuters. "Once the machine gets fired up again, it's hard to imagine there won't be more live shows to come. If these dates went well, you could imagine sufficient momentum for some kind of recording project." This has truly been a 50-year anniversary to savour, if you're a fan of the band, that is. With an average age of 68 and a combined age of 275 years, 76 days, the band have produced a photo book, written two songs, collaborated on a documentary, released a greatest hits album, played warm-up gigs in Paris and committed to five concerts to mark the occasion.

Perhaps Sexton is right, and the newfound momentum for the band will be the catalyst for a new album; their 21st full studio album. Fans will be hoping this is the case, as the highly inflated ticket costs for their London and New York Shows will have priced many ardent rockers out of those elusive concerts. 

Rolling Stones Will Be Joined By Mick Taylor And Bill Wyman In London

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Bill Wyman Mick Taylor Charlie Watts

In an explosive 50th anniversary year for the Rolling Stones, having released a new album, a documentary about the band, and revealing a set of live shows in London and New York, the Stones have now revealed that two old band mates will be joining them at their gigs in London next week, reports the Guardian.

Former bassist Bill Wyman, and guitartist Mick Taylor will appear as special guests at their sell out show at London's O2 arena. It was in the Crossfire Hurrican anniversary documentary that Taylor chose to reveal the primary reason for leaving the band back in 1974 was due to his heroin addiction at the time. Both musicians have hooked up with other members Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Mick Jagger, over the years for some charity gigs and reunion shows. This will be the first time, however, that the entire 6 members of the legendary band will be appearing together for a long time.

The band have recently revealed a new video for their single 'Doom and Gloom' from their new album 'GRRR!' as well as plans for an iPhone app that will allow users to see interviews and special features surrounding the band. Despite already having a career spanning 50 years, they've taken the future in their stride and truly embracing their longevity. 

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After New York Show Announcement, Keith Richards Can't See The Rolling Stones Stopping

Keith Richards Rolling Stones

With the announcement of a fifth date for 2012, many are starting anticipate a great live schedule for The Rolling Stones in 2013, and their guitarist Keith Richards isn’t exactly pouring cold water on the suggestion.

It was revealed yesterday (November 13) that the veteran rockers – celebrating their 50th anniversary in the music business this year – were to play the Barclay’s Center in New York on December 8, putting the show in between their two pairs of sold-out shows in London and New Jersey respectively. With murmurs suggesting that the band’s commitments next year might go as far as headlining legendary UK festival Glastonbury, The Daily Telegraph quoted Richards saying in an interview "Without saying yes or nay, once this starts rolling, I can't see it stopping. The band feels good about themselves, they still feel they've got something to offer. Obviously there are a lot of people out there who agree. We'll go along with it."

For a long time this year it looked like the much rumored shows to mark their 50 years in the business might not happen, with celebrations being confined only to an photography exhibition and the releasing of a new greatest hits album. However, vocalist Mick Jagger said live dates were always in the pipeline, saying "I thought it would be kind of churlish not to do something. Otherwise, the BBC would have done a rather dull film about the Rolling Stones."

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The Rolling Stones Latest Single: One More Shot. Have A Listen!

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards

1000 points to whoever can name all the Rolling Stones singles. No? Well it's pretty hard. And now there's another one; the aging rockers have released their second new single off GRRR! - their greatest  hits album. 

Fittingly, the track is called One More Shot; a thinly veiled plea for fans to give The Stones just one more shot to relive those rock n' roll days, not that they need begging, that is. It follows the release of Doom and Gloom, which was a more rip-roaring effort. This is more melodic, yet still features the trademark Mick Jagger contortion act, as the ancient rocker sways and bends words into lines that seem impossible. One More Shot is a good rock song: of course it is, it's the Stones, but it does nothing new, rather recycles their tried and tested alchemy of saying baby, simple drums and a mellifluous rhythm section. Perhaps that's unfair though, as there's a certain twang of country underlying this song, but it's unmistakably, quintessentially The Rolling Stones. And for capturing that style again, and again, and again, you can have one more shot, guys. But this is the last one.

These two new tracks are the first time Keith Richards and Jagger have been in the studio for seven years, and their two-city strong tour, which is set to hit London and New York, has gained unprecedented attention and interest. Have a listen to the One More Shot below.

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Marathons, Knitting And Baking? Ronnie Wood's Struck Gold With New Fiancée

Ronnie Wood Keith Richards

Ronnie Wood's dating history is somewhat dubious. Having left his wife of over 20 years for a not-quite-twenty Russian called Ekaterina Ivanova in 2008, the news was met with outrage from friends, family and fans alike. However, in a turnaround of character, Wood is now engaged to Sally Humphreys, who is the opposite of Ivanova in almost every way.

Ivanova was around 40 years his junior, so his latest fiancée, Sally Humphreys, who is only 31 years younger than him, aged 34 while Wood is 65, comes as a pleasant surprise. Reported in the Sun, Wood's stepson Jamie said: "Sally's not one of the bimbos he usually goes for. She's exactly what he needs. I don't think he can keep up with bimbos any more." He added "She's a lovely girl and she's no groupie - I can assure you of that." Humphreys is a theatre producer who went to a grammar school- a point which seems to have impressed the Daily Mail which referred to as a 'classy girl!' in reference to this part of her academic background. Despite the Mail's almost patronising reference to her grammar school background, Humphreys really does seem a cut above the rest of the drivel he'd dated before. Apparently, her hobbies include running marathons, baking cakes and knitting. 

A source close to Wood said "Ronnie and Sally have been friends a long time. He always had an eye for her but she was in a relationship. They've been inseparable for months and he decided to tie the knot again. Keith Richards has been laughing about it. He's sick of buying him wedding presents."

Ronnie Wood Auctions Off Rolling Stones Memorabilia Following Divorce

Ronnie Wood Eric Clapton Keith Richards Jo Wood

Divorces can be a hard time, especially if you're Ronnie Wood and you have to sell off a boatload of your stuff to pay for it, as was the case yesterday when the veteran rocker took to Julien's Auctions in New York to sell on some of his most valuable possessions.

The masses of memorabilia on auction spanned four decades of the famed guitarist's work with The Rolling Stones, with the two-day auction selling on all manner of things, including several worn leather and velvet jackets, some real and some cardboard guitars, an assortment of tour ephemera and a signed lithograph of Eric Clapton. Two of the highest fetching items that Wood sold included a white leather coat for $8,960, and a lithograph of Eric Clapton drawn by Wood that includes both the guitarists' signatures fetching $5,120.

However, neither of these came close to matching the sums his guitars amassed, with a 1955 Fender Stratocaster guitar often used on stage by Wood fetching a whopping $60,800. Even one of the cardboard guitars fetched a pretty penny, with a guitar cut-out given to Wood by fellow Stones guitarist Keith Richards selling for $6,875.

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Even After 50 Years, The Rolling Stones' Reception Is Still 'Overwhelming'

Rolling Stones Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Mick Jagger

This year marks 50 years of The Rolling Stones, and just as we've always known, they continue to show us that they know how to celebrate. In November and December this year they are set to play four dates; half at London's O2 Arena and the other half at Brooklyn's Barclay Centre in Newark, New Jersey. They have also released a book entitled '50', have a photographic exhibition at London's Somerset House dedicated to them and a greatest hits album, boldly titled GRRRR! Tonight, though, fans came in their droves to the UK premier of 'Crossfire Hurricane', the new documentary of the band.

The documentary focuses mostly on the band's heyday, and includes never before seen footage of them, including interviews with all members the iconic rock and roll act, past and present. Keith Richards described the reception as 'overwhelming'. "I did not expect Leicester Square to be going bananas, do you know what I mean?" he said. "It was quite, it was heart warming to say the least, especially walking out you felt you were still in the movie. Take 2."

The NME also revealed that Ronnie Wood has said they'll be playing some tiny secret gigs: "There's going to be little club gigs that we're gonna surprise ourselves to do as well, we'll bung a few in next week or the week after, so look out for any Cockroaches gigs or whatever! I don't know who we'll be billed as but we'll turn up somewhere and put a few to the test. Tiny, 200, 300 people kind of places."

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Rolling Stones Tickets Snapped Up In A Mere 7 Minutes

Rolling Stones Keith Richards Mick Jagger Charlie Watts Ronnie Wood

Rolling Stones tickets are cropping up for ridiculously inflated prices across the web after the 'official' batch sold out in just seven minutes this morning. According to The Telegraph, the 'cheap seats' were all gone by 9.03am (three minutes after they went on sale), while the more expensive tickets had been snapped up by 9.07am.

Unfortunately, the demand to see the Stones at London's O2 Arena means unofficial retailers will be handsomely paid for their tickets, some of which are being sold for thousands. Unless the band play Glastonbury - which is now hugely unlikely given the cost of tickets to the group's own shows - UK fans will have to shell out for tickets and flights to one of two concerts in Newark, New Jersey. On announcing the shows, frontman Mick Jagger said, "Everybody loves a celebration, and London and New York are two good places to do it in!" while Keith Richards offered, "Sorry to keep you all hanging around but the waiting is over. I've always said the best place for rock and roll is on the stage and the same is true for the Stones. I'm here with Mick, Charlie and Ronnie and everything is rocking. See you very soon!"

According to The Sun, Mick, Keith, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood will make around £15 million from the four 50th anniversary shows.

Crossfire Hurricane Review


Watching the Rolling Stones' home movies while they reminisce on the soundtrack is thoroughly entertaining, although this documentary is such an inside job that it doesn't really tell us anything we don't already know. Indeed, the Rolling Stones commissioned this film for their 50th anniversary, and while it doesn't shy away from showing their heyday of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, it never gets into their personal lives at all. And it only covers the first half of their half-century.

As well-educated blues musicians on the London club scene, the Stones enjoyed reasonable success, but it wasn't until they were dubbed the "anti-Beatles" and set about to play on their anarchic images that they rocketed to global stardom, setting teen girls' hearts (and bladders) aflutter across Britain and America. But their bad-boy behaviour also got them into a lot of trouble. Guitarist Brian Jones dropped out of the band in 1969 (and drowned less than a month later), while his replacement Mick Taylor quit in 1974 due to drugs, replaced by Ronnie Wood. But the partying hit a low point with Keith Richards' arrest for heroin in 1977, after which they cleaned up their act. And their early 1980s tour was their biggest ever.

Oddly, the documentary suddenly ends here, making us wonder if this is just part 1. Although their successes since then have been a bit more sporadic, they would certainly provide some telling backstage moments. By contrast, much of the footage here (mainly in grainy black and white shot on Mick Jagger's own home movie camera) centres on the band goofing around in their down moments. It's edited in with lots of concert footage, so the soundtrack is like an early greatest hits collection. And there are also lively TV interviews done through the years. For narration, the filmmakers use audio recordings done specifically for this movie, with telling memories and witty commentary.

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Did We Miss Out On A Rolling Stones Olympic Performance?

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards

The 2012 London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies were excellent fun, but were we deprived of a chance to see the Rolling Stones perform?

Apparently so: the band's guitarist, Keith Richards revealed to Absolute Radio that they could have been one of the stars to welcome in or wave goodbye to a tremendous Olympic games. "I think there was some politics going on and technical things," the 68-year-old explained. "I don't think probably that we would be ready for it, you know. So we had to give it a miss and, anyway, with the Olympics I'd rather be in the audience than be part of it." The ceremonies included performances from Coldplay, Muse, Jessie J and The Spice Girls, but The Rolling Stones would have turned the events from great to amazing, no doubt.

Perhaps the most annoying thing is that we could have seen their reunion for free, if we were watching on the television that is. Now, the guys stand to net a cool £4m from their upcoming gigs in London and New York. "I think everybody basically keeps themselves in pretty good shape,' explained Mick Jagger, despite the band members having a combined age of 273. Tickets for gigs at the O2 in
London have been selling for more than £650 each.

The Rolling Stones Live Tour: Millions Of Fans Enquire About 30,000 Seats.

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones live tour announcement has caused an Internet pileup, as over a million fans log on to online ticket vendor Viagogo to find out about tickets, Gigwise reports.

It seems as though the incredibly high-ticket prices won’t put off fans of the ageing rockers, but with a place at one of their London or New York concerts so highly coveted, there could be plenty of illegal activity surrounding ticketing. "The Rolling Stones are a global phenomenon – and one of the last supergroups still performing with a full line up," says Viagogo spokesperson Ed Parkinson. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them, and there will be some unscrupulous organisations looking to take advantage of that. Always check the reputable ticket market places like Viagogo to find the true market value and never buy a ticket that isn’t 100% guaranteed."

Another musical event often shrouded in ticket controversy is British festival, Glastonbury, and Keith Richards has started the rumour mill about a possible appearance. "On a good day, if the weather's fine, [Glastonbury] is an interesting proposition," he told the BBC, before hinting at future Rolling Stones live shows, adding: "Anything is possible. This band isn't going to wind up with four shows."

Video - A Wobbling Johnny Depp Uses Bodyguard To Lead Him Around The Red Carpet

The New York premiere of The Rum Diary was held at the Museum of Modern Art recently, with celebrity guests and stars of the film spotted on the red carpet. One of the first to arrive was legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and founding member Keith Richards, who was accompanied by his wife, model Patti Hansen. The couple appeared happy as they waved and posed for a few photos before heading inside. Amber Heard, who stars in the film, looked elegant in a flowing black dress as she stood on the red carpet in front of the photographers.

But the star of the night was Johnny Depp, who was greeted with screams from his fans as he employed his method acting style on the red carpet. His bodyguard helped him on the red carpet, where he stood for photos. He was then helped to the fans so he could sign autographs. The actor appeared very unsteady on his feet pretending to be drunk and the presence of his bodyguards puzzled a few photographers.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review

Very Good
Captain Jack Sparrow is back for another high seas romp and, despite the long running time, this is more freewheeling comedy than action adventure. And while it's hilarious fun, it's also so meandering that it's a bit dull.

In London, Jack (Depp) is brought before George II (Griffiths) so he can help the Brits beat the Spanish to the Fountain of Youth. But after an elaborate escape, Jack ends up in the crew of the ship captained by the evil Blackbeard (McShane) and his daughter Angelica (Cruz), with whom Jack has a past. So now Blackbeard, the Spanish and the British, led by Jack's old nemesis/pal Barbossa (Rush), are racing to the Caribbean to find the secret of immortality. And their first task is to capture a mermaid.

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Shine A Light Review

Gimme Shelter this is not. The disillusions and stabbings of the 1969 concert have been replaced by the Clinton Foundation's benefit for the Natural Resource Defense Council and snapping camera phones. But Shine a Light is helmed by Martin Scorsese -- the man behind Goodfellas and Raging Bull -- shouldn't it push the boundaries set by Charlotte Zwerin and the Maysles brothers nearly 40 years ago? It should, but Scorsese has always had a cinematic hard-on for the Rolling Stones, and the result is a personal, biased love letter to the Stones signed with love by Marty.

When the Stones take the stage at New York City's Beacon Theater, it's frightening -- their age truly shows on film. As giants on the silver screen, we have a front row seat for an exhibition of frail bodies moving in ways that only young men should move. As Mick Jagger belts out songs of youthful rebellion and sexual frustration, he still does the same androgynous dances of yesteryear. Yet, this off-putting display of aged youth is clearly a place of sentiment for Scorsese, whose camera lingers with love.

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