When 15.11.2012

Keira Knightley hits New York to discuss her new movie 'Anna Karenina' in a promotional interview. She talks about the exhaustion that went into shooting the film, the symbolism surrounding the costumes and her mixed feelings about her character.

She describes filming the movie as 'a lot of hard work' particularly with the waltzing scene and the complicated choreography that went into it. 'After we finished filming [that sequence]. everybody got sick. 'cause it was so exhausting', she recalls. She says that the heavy costumes had a lot of thought put into it and even the jewellery she was wearing was made of real diamonds and pearls designed by Chanel. 'I didn't get to take any of them home unfortunately', she adds. She also thinks the most interesting thing of all was having different feelings about Anna from when she read the book as a teenager to when she looked at it again before filming. 'I remembered it as being this very beautiful, sweeping love story and her being innocent and a victim and then I went back to it last year before we shot the film. and went 'Whoa, this is very, very different'', she admits. 'This is a much darker, morally much more ambiguous story and person.'


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