Beautiful British actress Keira Knightley rushed to the bedside of ex-lover DEL SYNOTT after hearing he was so heartbroken he had tried to take his own life.

The teenage Pirates Of The Caribbean: CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star dated Synott for two years but broke up with him in the summer (03) - and two weeks ago (begs20OCT03) her devastated former beau took a suspected overdose.

Synott was reportedly pushed over the edge when he heard Keira was dating Irish model JAMIE DORMAN - but now the actress has taken a break from her new romance to be by the side of her former lover.

Keira is supposed to be in Ireland filming her role as GUINEVERE in new film King Arthur, but has flown to London to be by Synott's side as he recovers.

A pal confides, "She was mortified when she found out what had happened to Del. She rushed to his bedside and stayed all night.

"When we heard he was in hospital we all assumed the worst because he had been so upset about breaking up from Keira. She has insisted that she have a break from Jamie until everything is sorted out."

The source adds, "Del is not working much at the moment and had too much time to brood on the whole affair. He got really low. He is much better now and trying to get on with his life."

02/11/2003 13:58