Keira Knightley will be joining the likes of Shirley MacLaine, Audrey Tautou and Anna Mouglalis in a right of passage of sorts – portraying the godmother of high fashion, Coco Chanel herself.

Knightley will be playing the infamous designer in a short film, directed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld (who else?), focusing on the early years of Ms Chanel’s life. According to the Huffington Post, the short will be set in the French seaside town of Deauville, where Coco Chanel set up her first shop with the help of her lover at the time. In fact, with this film, Lagerfeld will celebrate the 100th anniversary of that very same boutique.

Of course, there couldn’t be a more fitting choice than Keira Knightley for the title role, considering her longtime experience with the brand. The actress has been the face for the signature Coco Mademoiselle perfume since 2007, regularly appearing in print and TV ads for the fragrance.

Unfortunately, the short won’t really be filmed in Deauville, as the town is currently “riddled with neon signs”. Rather, the action will be staged in Paris. Does it really matter though? France! Fashion! Fabulous! We’re pretty sure the audience (whoever that may include) won’t mind one bit. Throw some chocolate into the mix and you’ll have any girl on both sides of the Atlantic smitten with the idea.

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Knightley and Lagerfeld will team up to honor one of the world's best known designers.