Chloë Grace Moretz just wants to ''chill'' with friends for her birthday next month.

The 'Laggies' actress, who enjoyed a huge birthday party organised by Teen Vogue in New York City last year, is set to turn 17 on February 10 but wants to keep her celebrations ''normal'' this year.

The 'Carrie' star told ''I have a couple of people flying into L.A. for my birthday. I think I just want to be chill...maybe have dinner at the house. Keep it normal.''

She added: ''I don't like going out to dinner in L.A. because it's so showy. I hate it. I'd rather just be with my family and celebrate being alive for 17 years.''

But the blonde beauty is hoping to indulge her sweet tooth at her small gathering.

She said: ''Oh, I love birthday cakes. I need a good birthday cake. We can have dinner at the house but I need a really good birthday cake and it needs to taste amazing.''

Chloë attended a screening for 'Laggies' with her co-star Keira Knightley at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and insisted she didn't mind the cold weather.

Wearing a Christopher Kane mini-dress over a black turtleneck along with knee-high black Jimmy Choo boots, she explained: ''I think winter fashion is a lot better than summer because for summer you can only have like two layers or one layer. With winter, you can have all the cool layers and textures.''