Keira Knightley Anna Karenina Premiere

Keira Knightley starred in the off-the-wall adaptation of Tolstory novel Anna Karenina

There's been talk about it for months; just what has director JOE WRIGHT done to Tolstoy's literary classic Anna Karenina? Both cast and crew have promised a re-telling of the the tragic tale of Russian socialite Karenina's affair with Count Vronsky that veers away from previous adaptations, and from the reviews that have thus far come out that certainly seems to be what they've committed to. Our own Rich Cline wrote "the most impressive thing about this film is its astoundingly beautiful design: the sets, costumes, photography and music are sumptuous and lush, never fussy but always adding to the intensity of each scene. Look for it to deservedly hoover up Oscar nominations across the board." Others have also pointed out the design, which has moved the tale from its typically austere surroundings into something of an otherworldliness. 

Joe Wright Anna Karenina Premiere

British director Joe Wright who helmed the vastly changed adaptation

The British-made film went stateside for its Los Angeles premiere last night and saw Keira Knightley stealing the flash bulbs with a glamorous retro-looking dress. Not all the stars were there - leading men Jude Law and Aaron Taylor-Johnson were conspicuous by their absence - but there was still plenty of names on show, with director Joe Wright looking proud as punch as she arrived to the screening of his creation. 

AAlicia Vikander Guro Schia Keira Knightley Anna Karenina

Leading ladies [L-R] Alicia Vikander, Guro Schia and Keira Knightley

Fellow female stars  Alicia Vikander and Guro Schia also joined Knightley down the red carpet, the three of them all opting for full length gowns, with Vikander looking especially dazzling in her transparent number, whilst Schia's white effort cut off elegantly below the shoulders. Knightley's rock star boyfriend James Righton from the Klaxons was also in attendance, though he did not pose with his other half. 

Paul Webster Anna Karenina Premiere

Anna Karenina producer Paul Webster made an appearance

Americans will get their first chance to see the film tomorrow (November 16) when the film goes on limited release. 

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