Admit it. You thought John Wick was going to be a big, fat flop didn't you? You thought Keanu Reeves was done. Well, surprise. John Wick has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It's basically the best thing ever made. Sort of.

Keanu ReevesLiam Neeson wishes he could be John Wick

Reeves plays a retired hitman who comes out of retirement to track down gangsters that took everything from him. It's a fresh take on the assassin genre and is basically everything that the Taken franchise, and Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy, should have been.

"Back in action-hero mode, Keanu Reeves joins forces with his 'Matrix' stunt double to deliver a slick and satisfying revenge thriller," said Peter Debruge of Variety.

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"Wick is as you would expect, all style and no substance, not even a hint. What it does, it does well, but its ambitions are incredibly limited," said Joshua Starnes of

"John Wick features a terrific movie star turn by Keanu Reeves along with superb action sequences and robust/creative world-building that puts the would-be "Let's make a Marvel-style expanded universe" copycats to shame," said Scott Mendelson of Forbes.

""John Wick" won't redefine action movies, but it perfectly exemplifies what I want from an action film when I go. Have fun with the world, shoot the action well, motivate it in a way that doesn't feel cheap," said Drew McWeeny of

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""John Wick" is ostensibly a B-grade action movie about a hitman's quest for (bloody) revenge, but in Keanu Reeves' nimble hands, it becomes a much more joyous experience," said Drew Taylor at The Playlist.

Though Reeves is the undoubted star of John Wick, the movie also boasts a stellar supporting cast including Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen and Willem Dafoe.

John Wick has an outside chance of toppling 'Fury' at the top of the box office this weekend. It's out Friday (October 24, 2014).

Watch the trailer for 'John Wick':