Keane think they have finally made a ''great'' album.

The band will release their fifth LP 'Strangeland' - the follow up to 2008's 'Perfect Symmetry' - next month and believe it to be their best work to date.

Keyboardist and songwriter Tim Rice-oxley said: ''I felt it was about time we made a great record. I feel this is the first great album we've made... or it's the closest yet.''

The 'Everybody's Changing' hitmakers are also excited about the promotional video they have made for forthcoming single 'Disconnected', which 'The Orphanage' filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayonara has directed and crafted to look like a classic Italian slasher film.

Drummer Richard Hughes said: ''It's just this incredible, atmospheric horror movie in six minutes.

''We are the first to put our hands up and admit we have made some shockingly awful videos, but this is the best we've ever made by miles. They have made a total masterpiece.''

All four band members - including frontman Tom Chaplin and new bassist Jesse Quin - favour a quiet lifestyle and insist rock n roll excesses are not necessary to make good music.

Tom told The Times newspaper: ''I don't know when music crossed the line where you had to be really obnoxious and rude and drunk and drugged up al the time in order to be great.

''Music isn't about that, music's more about soul, like being gathered around a campfire and singing together. It's got something more visceral and real about it than all that b*****ks.''