Review of The Night Sky Single by Keane

The Night Sky (For Warchild)
Single Review

Keane The Night Sky Single

Chaplin and the boys are back with a Charity song for Warchild. 'The Night Sky', could provide the platform for the once pop-rock heavyweights Keane to make a proper heavy-impact return.

The band came under fire from critics for playing it too safe with their music and were profoundly criticised for lead singer Tom Chaplin needing to receive rehabilitation for an alcohol addiction. Music should be strictly about the music though and not about the people behind it, should it not?

What is certain is that these guys write music to fill hearts, not arenas. They write meaningful and effective pop-rock songs, and that's what they should be acknowledged for. 'The Night Sky' is no different from music that Keane frequently write; it's soulful, hearty and it has a melody; something you can't say about a lot of music nowadays.

Daniel Black

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