Keane with support from Feist & Stephen Fretwell (Manchester Apollo Theatre) - Live Review

Keane with support from Feist & Stephen Fretwell (Manchester Apollo Theatre)

Crisp and caressing music produced by former The Divine Right guitarist, Calgary’s Leslie Feist, set a warm and friendly tone for the evening, as she filled the filling room with her stern but soothing voice. Previous single 'Mushaboom' with tingling instrumentals and vocals that could calm down Mike Tyson in a road rage incident, was the most appreciated offering of the night.

To be invited to support Keane on one tour is a gratifying honour, but for your presence to be requested on another must be like receiving a

Keane with support from Feist & Stephen Fretwell (Manchester Apollo Theatre)

compliment from Anne Robinson, no wonder local lad Stephen Fretwell was in a jovial mood tonight. Having recorded a live album at the Night & Day just down the road Mr. Fretwell continued to build a rapport with people from his current base. Low key guitar rock with an upbeat mood was a calming and positive influence on the gathered many. The main act must have been looking on rather pleased; as they were privileged enough to be able to choose their own support acts for tonight.

Oh, the mind of some principled Keane fans was left in a quandary, having missed out on getting tickets for one of the two Manchester shows that sold out swiftly. They had to dig deep into their soul and ask; is it worth buying one off a tout? The 40 quid asking price saw some having to head off to somewhere only they know (only cheesy pun of the review I promise) to seek solace. The Sussex trio bounded onto stage and never before was the words of opening track 'Can't Stop Now' evermore apt. Tom Chaplin's voice has lost none of its crisp heavenly passion. Previous single 'Everybody’s Changing' followed and as expected it saw the place melt, well the people in it at least.

The questions that were being asked regarding whether any new tracks would be played and what they'd be like were answered emphatically in; 'Nothing In Your Way'. The response to this was one of relief and excitement, with the track retaining the Keane feel and snappiness of tracks on the debut album; 'Hopes & Fears'. A nifty main set was brought to a pleasing conclusion with a crowd aided, roof lifting version of??? You guessed it; 'Somewhere Only We Know'. During the encore when just Tom and Tim Rice-Oxley (Piano) combined for a compelling percussion free old number 'Allemande'; it was hard not to think of the poor people locked outside with Tom throwing his voice far enough for them to hear him;

"All along I said we'd be sorry… sorry and so we are'.

The last number 'Bedshaped’ ensured that a satisfied crowd headed off into the night passed the merchandise stall or to the unofficial vendors outside; to pick up a memento of a memorable night.