Review of Hopes and Fears Album by Keane


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Keane - Hopes and Fears - Album Review


Hopes and Fears

Released May 10th 2004 through Universal Island

Hopes and Fears holds no surprises. Fans of “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Everybody’s Changing” will love it and anyone who wasn’t so keen on the singles is unlikely to have their mind changed by the album because the Keane sound is what it is and it isn’t changing for anybody.

Keane - Meltdown - Hopes and Fears - Album Review

That said, the album is not a disappointment. Touted as the hottest new thing on the music scene, the Sussex three-piece whose piano filled anthems have proven a band can get by without – gasp- a guitar in sight, “Hopes and Fears” is a class first effort.

Opening with, no. 3 smash hit, ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ Keane start as they mean to go on with a catchy piano ballad that is as likely to appeal to your mum as it is you and they veer little from this winning formula. But a winning formula it is and in current single ‘Everybody’s Changing’, the band raise the bar a little with a spine tinglingly special track that would go a long way to melting even the coldest of hearts.

Varying from the mournfully beautiful ‘She Has No Time’ to the idyllic ‘Summertime’, the Sussex three piece go from track to track without ever losing the polish. ‘This Is The Last Time’ gives Chaplin’s vocal chords a chance to shine and would make an excellent choice for next single but is followed by the slightly disappointing ‘On A Day Like Today’

The emotionally charged epic ‘ Bedshaped’ is a fitting close for this promising debut full of achingly powerful vocals and the dramatic instrumentals for which they’ve found fame.

‘Hopes and Fears’ is a very respectable and promising debut but listen with care, playing it before a night out may well see you wanting to drown your sorrows rather than bop ‘til you drop.

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