Review of Perfect Symmetry Album by Keane

Album review of Perfect Symmetry by Keane.

Keane Perfect Symmetry Album

There is always going to be those bands out there that people either absolutely love or just can't stand, a bit like Marmite really. You either Love it or hate it and that really is the case in the shape of Keane. The thing that brings the band to this is that their music is more "piano based" rather than guitar based and we know that people don't like change.

Things have been somewhat quiet on the Keane front but that is not surprising with Tom Chaplin getting over his addiction, but let's not go into that. Keane are set to release their third studio album and hope to emulate the success that their debut album gained.

The thing that stands out about 'Perfect Symmetry' is that none of the songs actually stands out. They are all pretty much the same; there is nothing there to compete with early releases such as 'Somewhere Only We Know' and 'Everybody's Changing'. Not one song at all which is a disappointment. If you didn't/don't know the Singles you would most certainly be hard pressed to try and pick out any potential or actual Singles from the album.

'Perfect Symmetry' is a consistent album, where the band have ready just stayed in their comfort zone and not really taken a gamble in anyway. If you are looking for something different, your not going find it in the shape of Keane because at the end of the day they have been around for years at not really evolved in any way. No doubt the Keane faithful will love this, but as far as increasing the fan base this is not the album to do it.


Mark Moore

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