Katy Perry likes a comforting souvenir from every city she stays in - she steals the pillows from her hotel suite.
The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker is currently on a global trek promoting her new album, Teenage Dream, and has taken in New York, the Far East, and Europe.
She travelled from Paris, France to London on Wednesday (01Sep10) - and confessed she has built up a stash of feathery headrests on her trip.
Perry tells BBC's Radio 1, "I do steal pillows. I took the train, the Eurostar, yesterday and I was really upset that I didn't steal a pillow from the last place I stayed. I don't know if pillows are the most sanitary things when it comes to hotels. The pillow covers are okay, but the characters that lie their head there. I mean, think of my head lying on the pillow... (for) that next person (it's) horrible."
And it's not only bedding the singer likes to make off with - she's also partial to stuffing her bag with complimentary shampoo and sweets from the minibar.
She adds, "I used to (steal bathroom products). I don't any more because I have so much I am travelling with, but I remember when I was 17 and I went to a really fancy hotel in Tokyo, it was my favourite, and I took home all the toothbrushes. And every day I would ask the maids, 'More lotions! More of these small chocolates please!"'