Katy Perry has just unveiled a new single entitled 'Bon Appetit', and fans are a little bit upset with her about it. Unlike with some of her previous songs, it's not the content that has caused some controversy, but the involvement of her guest artists.

Katy Perry at the iHeart Radio Music AwardsKaty Perry at the iHeart Radio Music Awards

'Bon Appetit' is definitely a song to make you blush, but it's not the racy lyrics with the sexual cooking metaphors that are upsetting listeners. Even before the song dropped today (April 28th 2017) people were expressing annoyance that Katy Perry had teamed up with Migos; a hip hop collective who have caused controversy in the past with homophobic remarks.

As Katy is a prominent ally of the LGBTQ community, earlier this year being awarded the National Equality Award at the Human Rights Campaign gala, some people just didn't think it was right that she was showing support for a group whose members have previously expressed anti-gay opinions.

For example, Migos appeared disdainful when asked about ILoveMakonnen coming out as gay earlier this year by a Rolling Stone interviewer. The author commented that Quavo exclaimed 'Damn, Makonnen!' when the subject arose and, in response to the support online, Offset continued: 'That's because the world is f***ed up'. Takeoff then said, 'This world is not right', with Quavo attempting to clarify that 'We ain't saying it's nothing wrong with the gays' but adding, 'That's wack, bro.'

On the other hand, Migos did reach out to apologise for the backlash and insisted to TMZ that the article 'twisted' their words. 'We always been about being original and staying true', they said on Twitter in February. 'Staying true to yourself goes a long way. We are all fans of Makonnen's music and we wish he didn't feel like he ever had to hide himself. 

'We feel the world is f***ed up that people feel like they have to hide and we're asked to comment on someone's sexuality. We have no problem with anyone's sexual preference. We love all people, gay or straight, and we apologize if we offended anyone.'

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It's certainly not the first time Katy Perry has caused controversy within the LGBTQ community. Her debut single 'I Kissed a Girl' and her 2007 promotional song 'Ur So Gay' both incited similar indignation for the potential insensitivity of the lyrics. 

'Bon Appetit' is the follow-up single to previous release 'Chained to the Rhythm' featuring Skip Marley. Both are set to feature on Katy Perry's forthcoming album.