Katy Perry's parents want her to date religious NFL star Tim Tebow.

The 'Firework' singer only split from husband Russell Brand in December, but her Christian pastor parents, Mary and Keith Hudson, believe the Denver Broncos player can help heal her broken heart.

A source told the New York Daily Post newspaper: "Katy's mentioned on more than one occasion how much she likes Tim.

"Katy's mom firmly believes the best cure for heartache is to quickly fall in love again. In her mind, Tebow is the perfect guy for her daughter. He's handsome, charming, intelligent and above all, a good Christian."

Russell, 36, filed for divorce on December 30 after just 14 months of marriage, and it has been speculated one of the reasons for their split could be because he is not Christian and kept making jokes about the family's faith.

Last year, Katy said: "Russell has made very blasphemous jokes in the past, but he's making fewer all the time because he knows that I am very sensitive about this subject."

Russell - who has been treated for sex addiction and drug abuse - is a practising Buddhist and has said it helped him overcome his wild past.

He said: "I'm quite a neurotic thinker, quite an adrenalized person. But after meditation, I felt this beautiful serenity and selfless connection. My tendency towards selfishness, I felt that exposed as a superficial and pointless perspective to have."