Katy Perry finds vanilla an ''aphrodisiac''.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker - who is rumoured to have reunited with on/off boyfriend John Mayer - has carefully chosen the scents of her new fragrance, Mad Potion, and it has the sweeter tones because they put her in the mood for love.

She said: ''Mad Potion is light-hearted and playful. and it's got so many different notes. It has my two favourite things, all these different vanillas and musks.

''Vanilla, for me, is an aphrodisiac and musk is kind of androgynous, and I like that combination because it's mysterious.''

Katy is fascinated by fragrances and catching a whiff of a particular scent often sends her back in time.

She explained to LOOK magazine: ''I love creative really distinctive scents that hopefully leave lasting impressions on people. They can sort of time travel.

''I believe fragrance is a sixth sense, that it makes memories.

''For instance, if you get in an elevator and smell something someone is wearing that reminds you of the first scent you wore when you were a teenager, or your first boyfriends, I can almost be transported back into that time by a certain smell.''