That Katy Perry ring? Sorry folks, it’s not an engagement ring, as it happens. When Katy Perry was spotted sporting a ring, after a romantic Valentine’s dinner with her dubious beau John Mayer, rumours instantly sparked that the ‘Piece Of Me’ singer had gotten engaged again. Perry was previously married to British comedian Russell Brand, though their marriage was short-lived.

People magazine have managed to get an answer to the big question of whether or not Perry and Mayer are indeed engaged and it’s pretty dull news, we’re afraid: they are not engaged, a source told the magazine. So, it looks as though Mayer purchased the unusual ring for his girlfriend and… she just happened to slip it on her ring finger. Perhaps that finger had been feeling a little light since she separated from ex husband Russell.

Mayer had reportedly hand-picked the unusual red ruby heart-shaped design for Katy. It was designed by Daniel Gibbings, a Santa Barbara-based jeweller and designer though it looks as though it was merely a heartfelt Valentine’s gesture and nothing more serious, at this stage. A rep for Gibbings to People that the ring isn’t a traditional engagement style ring – though it could always be used for that purpose, if that’s what the customer wanted. “[Gibbings] uses a lot of texture. The style of his engagement rings are not the usual Neil Lane looking ring. They are definitely more trendy or boho,” said the rep. 

Katy Perry

Katy Perry - pictured here at the Grammy awards, just a few days before Valentine's Day