Pop superstar Katy Perry made history in Los Angeles when she persuaded record label bosses to let her take over the iconic Capitol Records Tower needle for a Morse code promotion.

In a new interview with U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, conducted on the roof of the landmark building, the singer reveals the lights on the Capitol roof were re-programmed to flash out the title and release date of her album Prism in the dots-and-dashes radio code.

She explains, "See that little red light up there? One thing that people don't know... is that it's been spelling out Capitol for the longest time, I believe, and we changed it months ago and we had it start blinking out, 'Katy Perry. Prism. October 22nd, 2013.' But no one reads Morse code anymore besides that guy, like, in the (Hollywood) Hills that doesn't wear any pants."