Katy Perry has finally released the details for her new album, but rather than just Tweet the information or send out a round of emails to music websites, the singer came up with an interesting approach to parlay the album details. A large, golden semi-trailer truck paraded through the streets of Los Angeles, with the name of the album - Prism - and the expecte release date - October 22 - written on the side.

Katy Perry
Perry came up with a novel approach to show off her album details

Perry didn't make much of a shout about the truck, instead waiting for her fans to spot it and spread the word themselves. Soon Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram feeds were flooded with images of the shimmering lorry. Perry later confirmed the reasoning behind the trucks, taking to Twitter to write; "Find the #PRISM semi, take a picture and I'll RT you," with Perry later adding, for those fans spread out across the rest of the globe who couldn't see the lorries, "Don't worry, Los Angeles is just the first stop on the map."

Katy Perry The Smurfs
How will Perry's album compare to her last outing?

She kept true to her promise, and has retweeted a number of image of the truck already (you can check out some of the pictures below), confirming the details of her album along the way. Perry is expected to debut her new material at next month's Video Music Awards, where Lady GaGa will also be unveiling some of her own new material too.

There has been no further word on what we can expect from the album, in terms of singles or musical direction, but with a title like Prism, it could have a slight political tone to it, after all, Edward Snowdon's revelations into the NSA's Prism program has been one of the most important political insights to date, so who can blame her for jumping on that bandwagon. That said, we would be a little surprised if Perry has secretly become Bob Dylan in the space of 2010's Teenage Dream and her upcoming release.

Here are some of the Tweets/Instagram images of the golden semi: