What would you do if you saw Katy Perry's head in a modern art installation? If you're like any of the guys at the Whitney Museum in New York this week, probably just stand there looking stunned. But she's got to promote her new album somehow, right?

Katy Perry performs live for 102-7 KIIS FM's Wango TangoKaty Perry performs live for 102-7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango

Katy Perry gave tourists quite the surprise when she appeared as part of an art exhibit at The Whitney Museum of American Art in Manhattan. In a set up labelled 'Bon Appétit' with the artist name written as Katheryn Hudson, she appeared from under a silver cloche on a picnic table laden with fruit. 

It was all for Derek Blasberg of Vanity Fair's latest episode of 'Derek Does Stuff with a Friend', and quirky Katy confessed that 'This is not one of the most unusual situations I've met someone in'.

Now, for pop music fans, it should have been obvious where this was going from the start; with 'Bon Appétit' being Katy's new single, the fruit and blue gingham table cloth being the single artwork and Katheryn Hudson being her real name. But it seems that the new hairstyle is still causing some confusion, as many of the viewers appeared unsure as to whether or not that really was Katy Perry.

To make matters worse, her head was presented as a still object at first, before she opened her mouth to give spectators a little shock. When one guy told Derek that he thought it might be Katy Perry, she quips: 'Eeeee... Miley Cyrus!'. And when Derek asked the audience if there was anything she could do to make the installation better, they suggested she sang. We're not sure they actually meant 'I'm A Little Teapot', however.

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Katy Perry releases her new album 'Witness' on June 9th 2017, and she has also just unveiled a brand new single entitled 'Swish Swish' featuring Nicki Minaj.