Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up after 18 months of dating, according to a new rumour. E! News' source claims that Perry has split with Mayer in the last few days despite simultaneous talk that the couple are engaged and due to wed soon.

Katy Perry
According To New Rumours, Katy Perry Has Broken Up With John Mayer?

With their busy solo careers, it's hardly surprising that the pair haven't constantly been by each other's side but E! takes their recent geographical distance as an indication that the rumor could well be true. Katy has been busying herself with fashion month activities in London and Milan whilst John has been pictured glumly strolling about New York City.

No real reason for splitting has emerged yet but fans have been lead to speculate that Katy's old flame Robert Pattinson may have been influential in her decision to call time with John. However, on the same day that split reports surfaced, there was also talk of Katy and John being engaged and gearing up to marry this summer.

John Mayer
John Mayer Cut A Lonely Figure This Week In NYC.

Marriage reports were fuelled when Katy Perry stepped out at the Elle Style Awards last week in London very pointedly wearing a huge diamond ring on the right finger, prompting gossip about whether Mayer had finally popped the question.

A source speaking to Grazia magazine has said that the couple, who duetted in the love song 'Who You Love,' are looking to get married in June on Katy's home turf. "They'd love a June wedding. They want to get married at the San Ysidro Ranch in Katy's home town of Santa Barbara," claimed the source.

At the Grammy Awards earlier this month, Katy was one of the lucky few who caught one of the bouquets thrown by the real-life couples who were getting married during Madonna's performance onstage. If tradition dictates, Katy should be getting married soon.

Katy Perry Grammys Music Notes Dress
Katy Perry Could Be Getting Ready To Wear Another Kind Of Big, White Dress.

Then what of the split rumours? The bouquet-catching is just an old wives tale; the engagement ring could have been a piece of flashy red carpet costume jewellery; the wedding location rumour might have been dreamed up to sound plausible because the ranch is a favourite celebrity for nuptials.

Instead of having broken up, the pair may just be taking it slow. Katy has already married and divorced once in her life so may want to be more sure the next time she rushes into anything. As usual, neither party has fuelled nor denied the rumours publically.