Katy Perry feared she would be ''strip-searched'' by her parents if she was spotted carrying any rock music as a youngster.

The 'Part Of Me' hitmaker worried her minister mother and father would find out that she had been listening to heavy music they prohibited, but she once managed to sneak an Incubus CD into her house without them noticing only to break it in half by accident.

She said: ''I wasn't really allowed to listen to anything besides gospel music, so I'd sneak in different CDs.

''The first time I bought a record it was by Incubus. I brought it home in my knapsack and I had things on top of it so my parents didn't strip-search me.

''I went into my closet, put a blanket by the door crack and tried to pop open the CD.

''It broke in two like the Ten Commandments and I was like, 'I will never do that again'.''

While Katy had a strict upbringing from her mother and father, her dad used to be a ''hippie'' during his younger years and attended the Woodstock musical festival in 1969, which was the largest outdoor rock concert at the time.

She is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: ''My dad was a hippie who went to Woodstock and my aunt was a topless showgirl before she found the Lord and became a preacher as well.''