Katy Perry asked her fans to cheer her up by sending pictures of cats.

The 'Roar' singer was experiencing ''technical difficulties'' as she attempted to preview her new single 'Dark Horse' from her forthcoming album 'PRISM' in the early hours of this morning (17.09.13), so the feline fan asked her army of followers - who she calls her KatyCats - to tweet her photos of cute felines while she waited for iTunes to fix the glitch.

She wrote on Twitter: ''Technical difficulties, but don't worry, I'm right by your side and we're gonna get through this together in the next couple of minutes!

''Can you send me pictures of cats while I wait pleaaaaase, it makes me feel better.

''I may or may not just be eating a skinny cow ice cream with hair dye on my head refreshing @iTunesMusic nbd. (sic)''

The preview of Katy's new track, featuring rapper Juicy J, was eventually made public after the 28-year-old star's fans bombarded her with pictures of their pets.

Katy has two cats of her own, Kitty Purry and Krusty The Cat - the latter of which she won custody of in her divorce settlement with Russell Brand - and is so devoted to their wellbeing, she hired a feline shrink to fix their behavioural issues last year.

A source said at the time: ''Katy sees her cats as more like friends than pets, so she didn't think twice about hiring the cat whisperer.

''She often talks to Kitty and Krusty when she's feeling down, and they always manage to cheer her up.''