Katy Perry is facing a lawsuit for a rather gruesome and unusual accident involving a stagehand at one of her shows during her Prismatic World Tour three years ago. The woman in question sustained a serious injury that resulted in the loss of a body part, and she's holding the singer responsible.

Katy Perry at the MTV VMAsKaty Perry at the MTV VMAs

A woman named Christina Fish is suing the 32-year-old popstar and Live Nation for an unspecified amount of money after having to have her right big toe amputated following some work she did backstage at Katy's concert in Raleigh, North Carolina. The grisly images were unveiled in a TMZ report this week.

The publication showed pictures from various stages of Christina's injury, which occurred when some sort of stage wall jammed and rolled over her foot. She claims 'her shoe [filled] with blood' but nobody called an ambulance and so she was forced to call a friend to get her to ER.

Over the next few weeks, her toe got blacker and blacker as the gangrene set in, and doctors then amputated a good majority of it. Naturally, she wasn't able to walk properly for several months, and now she's claiming a lot of money (the exact amount of which we are yet to discover) for 'emotional distress' given that she had to allow her dead toe to remain attached for an extended period before the amputation, and because she claims she can no longer participate in yoga which had been her passion.

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Various stage production companies are also being implicated in the lawsuit, but as of yet no-one has launched a public statement regarding the case. It's also unclear as to how the singer herself can be liable for the damage, unless of course Christina was an employee of hers - in which case, 'emotional distress' barely covers it.