Katy B is tired of being abused because she's ginger.

The 'Broken Record' singer has recently dyed her hair brown, but has admitted she still finds it infuriating when people talk about her natural hair colour.

She told Metro newspaper: ''Some guy tweeted me going, 'I know it's wrong, but I fancy Katy B', that was it!

''I get these tweets every few days like something is wrong with me.''

The 26-year-old star has revealed she has been receiving support from DJ pal Annie Mac, who is also a proud red head.

She said: ''Annie Mac came back 'I get it too', then some other woman said she thinks it's a ginger thing.

''I'm not even ginger any more, but people need to get over this.''

In addition to defending her natural hair colour, the Brit has revealed she's been forced to defend her song-writing skills too.

She recently said: ''It's funny, most people assume I don't write my own songs because I haven't got a guitar in my hand or I'm not sitting at a piano - but I write all my own lyrics.

''The album is nearly finished, so it'll be out early next year.''