Katy B says the most unusual gift she has ever been given by a fan is a Hello Kitty doll dressed as Kiss star Gene Simmons.

The 25-year-old singer's ''number one'' fan is obsessed with her music and the rock band and as a gift he gave her the plush cat toy dressed in black leather and with white and black face paint just like the long-tongued bassist.

Speaking at the Argos Live event at the retailer's new digital store on Old Street in London, she told BANG Showbiz: ''I have this fan who travels everywhere I go on tour and he is a massive Kiss fan as well, so it's Katy B and Kiss which is really random, but the other day he bought me a Hello Kitty dressed up as one of the members of Kiss, I think it was Gene Simmons as Hello Kitty which was pretty cool really.''

Although she gets odd gifts from fans, the pop star insists she doesn't have any weird rider requests when she is on tour.

Katy - who is currently on the road in the UK - revealed: ''My tour manager also manages Aloe Blacc and she said she requests on his rider specifically for herself - a fridge magnet for ever place she goes to and I was really jealous of that. I might have a fridge magnet making an appearance soon of east London or something.''

Katy performed a short set to mark the opening of the store comprised of her hits 'Perfect Stranger', 'Katy On A Mission', 'Louder' and 'Lights On'.

During 'Perfect Stranger' she singled out one lucky guy in the crowd to sing specific lyrics to.