Katt Williams' slap on a Target employee has been caught on camera. The incident occurred on Sunday (December 2, 2012), just moments after the comedian led cops on a three-wheeled chase through the streets of Sacramento. 

The clip contains no audio, but it shows Williams' in a branch of Target getting into an argument with an employee. From his body language, it's clear that the man was not looking for a fight though Williams suddenly wound up and slapped him in the face. The employee quickly pulls out his phone and calls the police. Hilariously, Katt quickly makes his getaway on an electric cart before ditching the vehicle for his three-wheeled motorcycle. He was not arrested, though a representative for the Yolo County District Attorney's office tells TMZ.com that the case is currently under review, though charges are yet to be filed against the comedian. 

It's been a pretty bizarre few weeks for Williams, who was arrested in Oakland in November for allegedly hitting someone in the head with a bottle. He was so incensed by the incident that he threatened to cancel his stand-up show, telling TMZ.com, "Call Live Nation ... call the radio station ... the show's canceled." Turns out he was bluffing. 

Watch Kat Williams' slap on a Target employee below: