Actress Katrina Bowden has been overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to plan a wedding after deciding to organise her big day without the help of a professional.

The star has been engaged to musician Ben Jorgensen for a year, but she admits planning for their nuptials fell behind on her list of priorities as she focused on filming the seventh and final season of Tv comedy 30 Rock.

She says, "It's just crazy. I didn't know anything about weddings, and now I'm starting to learn everything and it's just kind of nuts. There's a lot that goes into it. I don't have a planner, so I'm doing it myself.

"(The biggest challenge) is just figuring out when you need to do everything. Picking a day is really difficult, too. People book things years in advance. I think everything about it is difficult. We don't have a date set, we need the timing to be right, we need our family to be able to go."

Filming on 30 Rock officially wrapped in December (12), freeing up Bowden to work on her next project, her wedding - and now she's no longer stressing about the whole event, she's starting to enjoy the planning process.

She tells, "It's hard when you're working, but now that I'm not working, I have a little more time. It's exciting. It's fun."

But Bowden reveals there's one aspect of the reception she already has sorted, thanks to a 30 Rock co-star: "Tracy Morgan has told me he'd like to sing at the wedding at some point. I was like, 'If you do, I will love you forever.'"