Katie Price is set to be wheelchair bound for another six months.

The 42-year-old star fractured both her heels when she jumped off a wall at a theme park whilst on holiday in Turkey, and after undergoing an operation to help fix her ''smashed up'' feet, she's been told she won't be walking again until April next year.

But Katie sees the news as a welcome relief, as she now has a date to look forward to, when she'll finally be able to get back on her feet.

An insider told The Sun Online: ''This has been the most amazing news ever for Katie - but she's nervous too, as the thought of being able to stand on her feet again is mind-boggling.

''She says she's forgotten what it feels like, as her feet are literally held together with metal pins.

''For Katie, it will feel like a toddler learning to take her first steps, but it's much sooner than she thought as she was told by doctors that she could be in a wheelchair for a whole year after the operation.''

Meanwhile, Katie - whose boyfriend Carl Woods has been supporting her throughout her recovery - recently said she feels like she's ''lost her independence'' since breaking her feet, and admitted being confined to a wheelchair has made her feel ''insecure''.

She explained: ''I've had a lot of hate from people in wheelchairs because I said that I felt like Carl wouldn't fancy me in a wheelchair. But that's how I feel.

''I'm not saying people who are in wheelchairs shouldn't be fancied, I'm saying I'm in a new relationship and he met me how I was before, so why would he fancy me like this?

''I'm allowed to be insecure. I feel like I've lost my independence a bit.''

And the 'Loose Women' panellist - who has Harvey, 18, Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, from previous relationships - also admitted she's been subjected to ''horrible'' online abuse from people accusing her of faking her injuries for publicity.

She told new! magazine: ''People are saying that I'm doing it to make money and accusing me of faking it.

''I'm a human being and when I'm going through shit and I'm in a wheelchair and I realise I can't walk, it's horrible.

''Why would I fake breaking my feet for publicity? Now that people have seen the scars on my feet, I think they've realised how bad it is.''