Katie Price wants her own daytime television show.

The 42-year-old star and her boyfriend Carl Woods are keen to have their own television show focusing around lifestyle health

Speaking on their YouTube channel, Katie said: ''We would own daytime. We are both so relatable - we are real, as it is, not better or judge. Our experience and what T shirt haven't I had, worn and learnt from to help others help themselves?''

Carl added: ''I would love the cooking segments, health, family, medical and above all else staying mentally well - teach others to be kind.''

And sources believe they'd make the ''perfect presenting couple''.

A source told The Sun: ''Katie's only negative is she is not the best early riser - 4.30am starts would be tough but she'd do it at the drop of a hat with Carl. They make a perfect presenting couple.''

And it will just be one of a number of jobs for Carl as he is reportedly being inundated with modelling jobs.

An insider said: ''Since stepping out on the red carpet Carl has had a lot of offers. He was already in the eyes of a lot of brands as an influencer. But now companies are falling over themselves for him to wear their clothes. It's fair to say he hasn't had to buy much clobber for a while because he gets so much sent to him. Carl isn't the kind of person who goes out and looks for this kind of thing but he is really interested in the offers that are coming in and would love to do more modelling. Compared to Kate's exes, Carl has stayed right out of the limelight. That will all change when he goes on TV. But viewers will side a guy that is really very normal bloke and that appeals massively to companies trying to market their clothes.''