Katie Price will need to use a mobility scooter after breaking both her feet.

The 42-year-old star will be unable to walk unassisted for three to six months after she fractured both her heels whilst on holiday in Turkey, and her injuries are going to dramatically change her lifestyle in the short-term once she returns to the UK.

Speaking to fans on her YouTube Channel, she explained: ''It looks like now my life has to change for the next few months because I can't walk.''

Doctors have told her to stay off her feet for several months but have warned her it could take longer, and so Katie is looking for other ways to get around and she intends to purchase a scooter to get around.

She added: ''I'm trying to find a mobility scooter and a wheelchair that I can use because I can't go on crutches because I can't put any pressure on my feet.

''[It's] something that I wouldn't of chose to do, but it's happened and now I have to deal with it. I'm gonna have to move house, I can't live like this on my own.''

The former glamour model was rushed to hospital last week after she jumped off a wall at theme park Land of Legends and is now planning to fly home to have an operation.

She recalled: ''I was running, jumped over a wall and, because it was a little short cut, and didn't really judge the height. I fell funny on my ankles and I've fractured the hairline in my heels and stuff. The hospital here wanted to operate, they wanted to put pins in and stuff. But because I'm away, I'd rather do it all when I get home.''

The mother-of-five described the experience as the ''most painful thing ever'' and the cast is starting to turn her toes green after spending the past few days in a wheelchair.

She said: ''It's the most painful thing ever. When they were trying to put the cast on I was screaming in pain. So, I've broken it and they said I won't be able to walk for three to six months. It might be longer, I don't know, but if you look at my toes they're starting to go green. At the moment, they're still raw. I've had no operation, they've put them in a cast here. They feel so swollen, it's so sore.''