Katie Price's new puppy Rolo has died.

The 42-year-old reality star bought the adorable pooch for her daughter Princess' 13th birthday earlier this month, but after having him in the family for just a few weeks, Rolo has passed away in a ''tragic accident''.

A source told The Sun Online: ''Rolo was found dead by Harvey's carer and they had to phone Katie to break the news.

''Katie is devastated and heartbroken and had to call Princess and break the news. Everyone's in floods of tears.

''It was a tragic accident nobody could have foreseen - it's no-one's fault, but Katie can't stop crying.''

The sad news follows the death of another of the family's dogs, after their Alsatian named Sparkle, was killed five months ago after running into a busy road and being struck by a vehicle.

And the tragedy also comes after Katie's £1.3 million Sussex property - which she doesn't currently live in as it is being renovated - was ransacked and flooded by trespassers earlier this month.

The home invaders only stole the bag Katie was given during her second stint 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' in 2009, and the beauty recently mocked the culprits for not taking more valuable items.

She said: ''Well done. Well done. Does it make you happy? Does it make you happy that you've destroyed a house? Like ... you're scumbags. No respect, scumbags. At least if you're gonna do it, f****** nick things, you know what I mean? Nick something. If you're gonna go through all that hassle to just do that to my ceiling? At least nick something, steal something.''

And Katie insisted she won't be moving back into the house, because she's ''done'' with the problematic property.

She said: ''I hate this house. Even just standing here gives me anxiety, I hate it.

''Luckily, I can't live here. I can't mentally live here, so you haven't got the better of me at all. If you think you've got the better of me because you've done this, you haven't. I'm still standing here, I'm not crying, I'm just like ... this is what this house means to me anyway, it's s*** anyway. The fly tipping, the burst water pipe ... it's like, this house chapter is closed with me anyway. It's just a shame that this could have actually been a really nice family house, but I'm just done with it.''