Former glamour model Katie Price has opened up about the time she attempted an overdose to win back ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers. The 37-year-old also revealed that she had been paranoid during her relationship with Bowers, feeling that her then boyfriend was obsessed with Victoria Beckham.

Katie PriceKatie Price has said she attempted an overdose to win back ex Dane Bowers.

"Even when I was younger, stupidly enough, I wanted my ex Dane Bowers back and I did an overdose,” Price told the ‘Loose Women’ panel. ”It's so stupid, it didn’t get him back. You know you do these things for attention.”

Visibly stunned, Price’s fellow panelist Nadia Sawalha then commented: "You fascinate me Katie, because you just said that like that like it was nothing. But that’s such a massive thing.” Price agreed, replying: "It does not work, I was young and naive, and obviously if anyone was speaking about it when I was younger I would be like 'do not even do that’.”

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Price was then asked who it was she was jealous over, which had led her to do something so drastic: "Well he worked with Victoria Beckham, and I thought something was going on. Is he obsessed with her? And I was right, my paranoia was right.”

Price first spoke about her attempted overdose last year during her appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, telling housemates: "I was so heartbroken and I used to say he was the love of my life. It's about realising that he wasn't the love of my life, as I regard Kieran as that now.”

After Price made the revelation, Bowers opened up to The Sun about the night it happened. "We broke up in my car and Katie took it hard. She was still staying at my flat in south London, and one evening I got a call from her while I was out.”

“Her speech was slurred and she told me she had 'done something stupid' and taken an overdose. My heart dropped. I rushed round to find paramedics tending to her and then they took her to hospital and pumped her stomach.”

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“She had taken paracetamol and anything she could find. I went to visit her in the hospital and when I arrived she was clutching a picture of us.” Bowers also told the newspaper he couldn't believe Price was still talking about their relationship.

“Our relationship was a car crash in places so there’s no need to tell the nation how wonderful it was,” Bowers added. “It’s embarrassing. I’ll never get away from it — or her.”