Katie Price has stirred up a parenting debate on social media after sharing a picture of her two year old daughter, Bunny, drinking juice from a bottle.

The snap, which she shared on Instagram on Tuesday (June 27th), showed her toddler daughter with mud on her face and body after having played outdoors. “My Bunny loves getting dirty outside,” she had captioned the photo.

At first, the 39 year old mum attracted praise for letting her kids play outside rather than sit inside on a nice day and vegetate in front of a screen.

“This is what all young kids should do and she is sooo cute,” one person wrote underneath. Another commented: “You’re such a good mum this is just how kids should enjoy themselves and build their own immune system.”

However, some commenters noticed that Bunny was holding a bottle containing juice, and remarked that she was too old for it, given that her third birthday is just over a month away.

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“Scuzzy bottle and she is too old to have it anyway I think,” one person wrote, while another said: “Well yes she is too old but I think I’d be more concerned about how rotten the teat looks.”

Another mum added that doing so risked setting back a child’s development. “Giving juice in a baby bottle is not good for their little teeth. Best to give it to them in sippy cups.”

Price, who is a mother to Harvey (15), Junior (12), Princess (10), Jett (3) as well as Bunny, has come under fire over her parenting of her youngest on more than occasion in the recent past. Only last month, she was criticised over a picture she posted of Bunny holding a bottle and wearing a nappy, also on the basis that she should have outgrown them by now.

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