Katie Price has launched her own lifestyle brand.

The 42-year-old former glamour model has teased her new venture The Pricey Lifestyle brand which will include a new website that promises ''exclusive access and updates''.

Asking fans to sign up to her new brand, she posted a link on her Instagram stories saying: ''I've got something exciting to share with you all...

''Follow my new page @thepriceylifestyle and swipe up now to be the first to know''

However, there are no posts on the new Instagram account but has secured 3,158K followers overnight.

Meanwhile, Katie has been focusing on other business ventures as she is set to release a new song for her musical comeback.

She has been in the studio with producer Rick Live on a brand new song, which she has tentatively called 'Put Me Back Together'.

In the video, Rick said: ''I think your vocals sound great today. Have you had any thoughts on what you want to call the album?''

To which she said: ''Basically to help people get back together.''

It was then that Rick replied: ''That doesn't make sense. Start again. What do you want the album to be called you plonker?''

Katie had a thought before then adding of the song: ''I suppose it should be called 'Put Me Back Together.'''

What's more, she has started a new YouTube channel with her boyfriend Carl Woods called 'Adventures with Katie and Carl'.

Their joint venture plans to document their travelling and outings as they map out the rest of their lives together.

A source said: ''Katie and Carl and planning an Indiana Jones-style adventure where they visit places other couples have never ventured.

''They're planning to combine a boundary-pushing travel show all about food and travel with a love story that unfolds before viewers' eyes. Filming begun yesterday at Shaka Zulu's tenth birthday and the adventures will continue this weekend as they get ready for a road trip with the children.

''The footage is going to appear on their own couples' YouTube but they are also in talks with a German TV channel.''