Never one to shy away from the camera, nor criticism, Katie Price opted for a bridal themed wardrobe to promote her new jewellery label, KP Rocks. Fluffy white feathers fringed the little clothing she actually had on and a tiara sat perched on her head, the entire get up was a little confusing given that the jewellery range is not in the least bit bridal.

In an interview with Digital Spy she implied a potential reason for the outfit, saying "I'm engaged to myself. 'I belong to me' is my new saying." Perhaps she's... marrying herself? Despite being interviewed at the jewellery launch, the former glamour model didn't stay on topic, and instead opted to chat about gossip, enlivening the rumour-mill. She got a little catty about her ex Alex Reid, mocking and criticising his female persona 'Roxeanne'. She said that she'd never send 'Roxeanne' any of her jewellery because 'it's too classy'. Plus, on being asked what the worst gift she'd ever been given was, she replied:"One guy bought me earrings and a necklace, it was so f**king tacky it was absolute cheap s**t - and it happened to be Alex... And now I know why he bought it - because it was what Roxanne would wear. And it was weird because it had an agenda to it." Scathing remarks.

Anyway, the businesswoman formerly known as Jordan said that she's excited to be "getting back into what I love doing and that's endorsing [her] products." She has both a book and a perfume coming out next year. Joy.