Katie Price knows she isn't the ''best singer in the world''.

The 42-year-old star admits she ''does like to hear herself sound out of tune'' as she feels that is a good way to learn.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she said: ''When I am in the studio we all know I'm not the best singer in the world. And I do like to hear myself sound out of tune because that's how you learn.''

Meanwhile, Katie is working on a new song for her musical comeback, which she has tentatively called 'Put Me Back Together'.

In the video, Rick said: ''I think your vocals sound great today. Have you had any thoughts on what you want to call the album?''

To which she said: ''Basically to help people get back together.''

It was then that Rick replied: ''That doesn't make sense. Start again. What do you want the album to be called you plonker?''

Katie had a thought before then adding of the song: ''I suppose it should be called 'Put Me Back Together.'''

Katie has been ''taking some time out of the spotlight'' to recover.

A statement read: ''Katie is taking some time out of the media spotlight. Her family and Dr's have told Katie that she must rest in order to heal. Katie wants to thank everyone for their ongoing support and will be back when she feels ready.''

Katie has been spending time with her ''nearest and dearest'' as she recovers from her foot injuries.

A source said: ''Their time together was just what the doctor ordered. Kate has had a really hard few weeks. Injuring her feet was bad enough. But then she got the diagnosis and had to go through the operation. Recovering has been really hard and she knows it is going to be a long road. This weekend has been a step back in the right direction. Surrounding herself with her nearest and dearest is exactly what she has needed. They are all rallying round and making sure Katie is OK.''