Katie Price has taken a couple of sideswipes at her ex-boyfriend Dwight Yorke on Instagram, accusing him of not wanting to see their son Harvey.

The 37 year old mother of five shared a number of current and throwback pictures on the social networking site over the last couple of days, saying how much she loves her firstborn child. In one of them, however, she launched a scathing attack on former Manchester United striker Yorke.

Harvey so looks like Dwight Yorke here shame he doesn't want to see him

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“Harvey so looks like Dwight Yorke here shame he doesn't want to see him,” she wrote.

Price and Yorke, now 44, dated in 2001 and split up before Harvey was born, with Yorke initially denying that he was the biological father. Now 13, their son suffers from a rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome, causing autism, blindness and difficulty walking.

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Alongside another picture of Harvey as a toddler, she wrote: “First and last time he watched Dwight Yorke play football.” Representatives for Yorke have not made any comment about Katie’s comments.

Back in 2013, Katie detailed the last time she met Harvey’s father in person, on her son’s 10th birthday. “It wasn’t a friendly meeting and I didn’t hear from Dwight afterwards. It’s such a shame. All I can say is that he is missing out on a very special little boy. Personally, I think he is scared of seeing Harvey… Dwight should try. He would get so much love in return.”

However, speaking to OK! magazine last week, the glamour model and entrepreneur revealed that she is on good terms with one of her other exes, Peter Andre, who is the father of her second and third children Junior and Princess.

“I'm so happy Pete's with someone like Emily [MacDonagh, his wife]. She's posh, she seems like a proper lady and that's what I want my kids to be around. If my kids were around another person like me, I'd be like 'Oh My God!' It'd be nuts.”

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