Katie Price's son Harvey has been rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties.

The 42-year-old star is terrified about her 18-year-old son - who suffers from many health complications including blindness, ADHA and Prader-Willi syndrome, a genetic disorder which affects his development - and his health and has rushed him to hospital after she noticed his temperature had skyrocketed to 42 degrees and he was struggling to breathe normally.

A representative for Katie told The Sun Online: ''His condition is very dangerous and Katie is terrified. He has a temperature of 42 degrees and is struggling to breathe. One of his conditions is adrenal failure that could cause his organs to fail and is very dangerous.''

It comes only weeks after Harvey was rushed to hospital when he fell ill at his sister's birthday party.

Katie shared of the moment she realised he was unwell: ''I know he's ­getting bigger and I'd noticed in the past month his breathing had changed. It was at Princess's birthday party, just after she'd done her cake and Harvey wasn't feeling himself and had a lie down. And then he was getting worse and worse and I thought, 'Oh s***'. Sometimes he'll fake things, like if he doesn't want to go to school, he'll say ­'Harvey feels wobbly', or he's got a sore throat. But I know him well enough to know if he's trying to pull a fast one or not. He said he was getting pains, and he can deteriorate quickly, so I just used my common sense, stayed calm and called the ambulance.''

Harvey was experiencing chest pains when he was rushed to hospital the first time.

Katie said at the time: ''To rule out it was a blood clot, just for safety they took him to hospital and had chest x-rays and all of that, and they think he's just got a chest infection coming. But luckily he's home now, I'm glad he's home. I called the ambulance cause obviously Harvey has complex needs anyway.''